Sunday, February 24, 2013

Washing Clothes in the Dishwasher

Thanks to the previous owners of my house, I have an AWESOME dishwasher. It's a Bosch.

Next time your dishwasher breaks, get a Bosch. They are powerful machines and COMPLETELY silent.

Your dishes are completely dry after they come out too - they get baked after they get washed.

Which lead me to wonder why our washing machines don't work the same way. Why don't we have one single machine that both washes and dries our clothes?

Think about how cool that would be.

And to whoever invents it after reading this, please send me commission checks.

Today I had my All Dressed Up Bundle Class and it was a BLAST. I'll be showing you the projects over the next few days.

This one was the one I saved for the last project in the class because it's such a WOW when you use the Pop 'n Cuts die that matches the framelits.

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I'd seen the doilies as a skirt for this die on so many blogs and I thought it was BRILLIANT!!

I used the Natural Composition Specialty paper for a little warmth - I love the embossed floral designs.

This is my card for today's Love Fest Challenge by The Greeting Farm - the challenge is to use dies on a love themed card. You can do that! Come play!

Now I'm off to do a load of laundry in my dishwasher!



  1. Sorry my friend - already done. In the UK 20 years ago, I had a dual washer/dryer. Took FOREVER to get a load done!

  2. OMG I NEED this for my sister's wedding card! HOLY CUTENESS! Adorable. Well, to "die" for, for sure <3 xoxo

  3. OMG I NEED this for my sister's wedding card! HOLY CUTENESS! Adorable. Well, to "die" for, for sure <3 xoxo

  4. Yes they do make (front-loading)washer/dryers but I wouldn't recommend you get one. A dryer drum needs to be roughly twice as large as a washer drum in order for the clothes to tumble and dry efficiently. My parents used to have one in the '70s but the dryer part kept breaking down which meant you couldn't use the washer either!

  5. Super cute skirt. I want a doily skirt! :)

  6. Cuteness. I want to doily skirt! :)

  7. My dad was a buyer for Sears & we always had the newest products to test. We had a washer/dryer combo in the 70's and my mom loved it but you could only do one load at a time - you couldn't start a wash load while the first load was in the dryer. The product was on the market for a while but was scrapped. I still think I would like to "set it & forget it!"

  8. Why did God bless you with so much talent and humor?!!! LOL! You always make me laugh at LEAST once everyday!!!

    Gorgeous card, next order (read today) i am getting the pop it die!!!! WOOOOOT!!!!!

  9. Hi Lydia,

    I hadn't seen the doilies used as a skirt and I LOVE the way it looks!!!

    Peace, Love & Joy,

  10. Super-cute card, my favorite so far using this die. ... We had a Bendix Duomatic in 1955! It was both handy and frustrating to have everything all in one unit. LG, and maybe others, still make the washer dryer combos, but as others have said, they have advantages and disadvantages.

  11. Are you telling me you don't have washer-dryers over there yet? How backward (joking) - sorry to do you out of your commission. My dad has one - but it only dries half the amount you can wash. Give me sunshine and fresh air any day (as if, living here!).
    Spotted your pink dress on the way down to this post. I CANNOT get used to the concept of pink primroses. Primroses are pale yellow.

    We had a Siemens washing machine from when I was still in nappies (diapers) till well after my younger sister had finished her doctorate. It was getting a little (understatement) temperamental towards the end and I think my mother was pretty glad to leave it behind rather than making it move house for a second time. That's when she branched out into the brave new world of washer-driers :D. Before the Siemens was a top-loading twin-tub, but I don't really remember that because a) I was too young and b)we couldn't sit in front of it watching it spin around, poor TV-deprived kids that we were.


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