Sunday, February 10, 2013

It's Not Appropriate To Disturb Someone Else's Balls

So last night we went bowling.

Bowling is like most sports for me. I simultaneously love it and could not care less about it.

By that I mean I really enjoy bowling, but I could give a flip about my score. It's one of the few things you can go physically do with people that really has a fun social aspect to it. And by that I mean the standing around catching up, giggling, having popcorn and beer.

We had the dad of the year in the lane next to us. He was alone with his three boys, and he was clearly suffering from a cold, a mold allergy or the flu, but man, did he make the evening fun for his boys. It was fun to watch.

We were with two friends of ours who we haven't seen in a while, and I'm glad we fixed that.

Now you know that I have read everything Richard Preston has ever written and that I know EXACTLY how Ebola gets transmitted, and that one of the primary routes of transmission is bowling balls.

Well, maybe not, but I feel pretty dramatic about how germy bowling balls and shoes are, so I have my own bowling ball and my own shoes.

You'd think this would cut down on the insanity a bit.

However, last night, about two hours into our extremely enjoyable experience with our friends, some big old boy (while I'm throwing a strike - or a three - I don't remember) saunters into our little lane lounge and starts TOUCHING ALL OUR BALLS AND SHOPPING ON OUR CAROUSEL.




Had I seen this I would have been a tad bit more vocal and outlandish than what he got, which was "hey - what the heck are you doing - those are our balls!"

To which said ding dong replied "Well I would have ASKED before I took them."


It has to be divine intervention that I missed this exchange because truly it would have been quite dramatic if he said that to me.

However, by the time I was done and turned around, he was skulking off to his own lane and everyone was frozen in astonishment.

I still want to find him and yell "WHO RAISED YOU???" at him.


I wonder what story he's telling today? Is he saying: "Man, I went and rooted around in someone else's balls last night and can you believe they yelled at me?"

You gotta wonder.

Anyhoo, I watched a preview of a colored pencil tutorial that just blew me away. The woman was amazing, and I'm so NOT amazing with pencils, but she did inspire me to color on black while I was watching some of my fave Food Network shows today.
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Stamps: Cherish Friendship Ink: Whisper White Paper: Basic Black, Whisper White 

Color looks so cool on black.

I rubbed white ink on the embossed background.

Really this was a very quick and simple card. Maybe someday I'll learn to color like a grownup.

In the meantime, I'll defend my bowling ball from interlopers. :)



  1. Ha! I used to be in a bowling LEAGUE! Bowing is so much fun, and so normal in the Midwest. I, too, have my own ball and shoes, but mostly because my fingers are too fat to fit into the balls I can lift, and I was tired of tearing up my arm with the heavy balls. Ha, I said heavy balls.

    Oh, wait, this is YOUR blog? Sorry for the tome.

    So yeah, that guy was rude. And I totally LOVE the coloring on black.

  2. Stunning card! I am definitly going to have to try embossing on blank and adding white ink...Gorgeous!!!! Beautiful cherries too!

  3. Oh, and forgot to say, your posts are as much fun to read as your cards are to look at!!!

    Weird guy!!!

  4. What a ball jerk.

    I love your stories by the way.

  5. OMG, Girl I would not have let anyone touch my bowling balls either. You are too funny! I have to admit, I would have said the same thing to the guy. He must have been raised by bears. Not that I have anything against bears, just sayin.... Great and completely awesome card!!! Miss you, been a long time since we talked. Gotta use that email more often, lots of stuff going on with me. Hugs, Lisa Atha

  6. Love the card and you are such a hoot!

  7. That was SO not cool. My father owned a bowling alley when I was growing up- making me, like, bowling royalty or something. Anyway, I feel qualified to say that guy was WAY off base!
    Love your card - your coloring is lovely!

  8. What a great story. It has me LOL early Monday morning. Great story and Awesome card. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Although I signed up for the card inspiration, I love to read your blog for your sense of humor!

    I find bowling to be a good chance to embarrass my children because they play 70-80's music at our alley and I sing and dance right along. It's once a year so they haven't disowned me yet!

  10. That's beautiful!!!
    It was the noise that I always found difficult to cope with when it comes to bowling.

    Aha, I was wondering what Love Fest was!!

  11. Lydia, I want you to write a book, SERIOUSLY! I vote for you as the new Erma Bombeck! Go get yourself an agent!

    Oh, cute card, too! :)

  12. Just came across your blog from the SCS challenge. Your blog posts cracked me up. Love your projects and cards. My reaction to that kid would have been the same as yours lol.


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