Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Definitive Proof That Cats Rule

Okay dog people - settle down.

It's been decided. Your pets lose. Ours win.

Yes, cat videos rule the internet.

Yes, the first big Twitter sensation and the first account to reach a million followers was a cat.

Yes, the Egyptians worshiped them, and they can shoot lasers out of their paws.

And yet some of you remained unconvinced.

Well lay down your milk bones and admit defeat because today, Monopoly has replaced the iron in their board game with....

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That is one sassy cat. I can't wait to beat someone with my awesome Monopoly cat!

In other news, I had my class this weekend, and we made a ton of fun projects, including a BOX made from the Simply Sent kit in the Sale-A-Bration catalog. I saw this box on Barb Mullikin's blog and it was so easy and fun! Thank you Barb for sharing this adorable project! (Her instructions are here)

Fun, eh? All from a card!

And everything you need is inside that kit - so you can make 8 of these plus have 8 pretty envelopes left over.

To get the kit, you just need to place a $50 order and the kit is free. Go shop!

I'm going to go tell Maddie and Splotchy how awesome they are.



  1. Ha! All it proves is that cats are superior to irons, which I will agree to with every fiber in my being. They did not replace the DOG with a CAT because that would be silly. WOOF! and LONG LIVE DOGS!!!! (Long live cats too but I just had to stick up for my furry loves.) ;-)

  2. Ha! I knew it all's rule! What a cute monopoly piece...I might just have to buy a new game for the piece! :) Adorable box too!

  3. Cats RULE! I'm so glad you shared this! I heard the news talking about it this morning, but had to go to work before I heard the winner! As for your project! Spe-CAT-ular! Hee! Hee!

  4. Five words, Scotty dog original playing piece.

  5. Have to agree with Super Jen; cats ARE better than irons. But proof that dogs rule - it took them this long to come up with a cat token, when the Scotty dog has been around for DECADES!

  6. I am so glad they did not replace the iron with a cell phone or Justin Bieber figure! And YES, Cats Rule, Dogs Drool!!!

  7. I love you, I do. But on this point we will have to agree to disagree. And also on the bay leaf issue.
    And I would take a cat over an iron any day .... but you will notice that the DOG not only was there first, but remains. Probably just to keep that freaky looking cat in line.

  8. AAACK!!!! So excited!!!! I ordered 2 of these kits as gifts, perhaps somebody will NOT be getting a card kit but an AWESOME box instead!!!!! YAY BARB!!!!! :)

    PS that iron SUCKED! ;)

  9. Dogs rule sweetie! The Scotty Dog was there long before, and he's still there.


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