Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Note to Self: Never Move to England!

I went on a crazy walk this morning.

I mean it was a regular walk, but there was CRAZY wind. We've been having windpocalypse here lately and this morning was brutal.

But I saw some really neat stuff in the sky. I love being outside.

First, I saw one little cloud that decided to make a break for it. RUN cloud!!! Escape the evil cloud dictator and save us all!

Then, I saw what one of my friends on Facebook identified as a fire rainbow - it was a crazy cool little cloud rainbow. Neat.

When she told me the name of it, I looked up fire rainbows and found this horrifying fact:

" in London, England the sun is only high enough for 140 hours between mid-May and late July. Contrast that with Los Angeles, with the sun higher than 58 degrees for 670 hours between late March and late September."

Um. No to 140 hours of high sun.


I bring you today my last class project from last weekend. I saw a sample at Regionals with our two tone ribbon as a skirt for the dress die and SQUEE - it's so cute! I paired it with Feel Goods for a simple but super foofy and fun card for my students. Like?

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Speaking of the dress die, I made a quick video for you on the Pop 'n Cuts dress form die because I got a few comments from people confused about how to put their cards together with it. This video should clear up any confusion!



  1. I always enjoy your posts, Lydia. I have always called those fire rainbows sun dogs (sorry, not cats). Looking forward to spring sunshine in South Bend, IN.

  2. As someone who lives in England, I can tell you we get a LOT more hours of sunlight than 140 between May and July. I'm sure since we're much farther north than LA that it comes in at a different angle that's non-conducive to fire rainbows. In the summertime, it starts getting light before 5 a.m. and doesn't get fully dark until after 10 p.m. Of course, in the wintertime it's dark a whole heck of a lot...

  3. okay, i feel like i've REALLY missed the boat with this dress framelit! this card is AMAZING, woman, and it has almost convinced me to get it. the thing i'm concerned about is if i demo it for my club gals, the cost will keep most of them from buying it, and then i've put out the cash and won't get a return.


    btw, i've never seen a fire rainbow, and this just made my evening!

    i'd like to see a little vid on how you did that skirt with the ribbon! so so cute...

  4. What an adorable dress with the ribbon! Love it! Also love your sparkly dress in the video and how clever of you to reverse the backing card and use the slots to hold the two cards together in lieu of adhesive. I love the creative ways people use my dies! Your sky pictures are really cool. So glad a friend linked me to your blog so I could see this!

  5. I love your video showing the alternative idea on how to use the closure, that is so clever! Your card is awesome! Love it!!!

  6. Well its my dream to live in England my DS does, and I LOVE the rain, clouds LOL, really great pic. I'm crazy about little dresses your is so sweet I do love it, great sentiment its brilliant thanks so much for all your sharing..

  7. Lydia, I would LOVE you to do a video on how to do the skirt on that dress!! LOVE IT!!

    Susan, aka Soozie4Him on SCS
    moot96 AT aol DOT com

  8. I couldn't live in England either. Mind you I feel like there has been some wierd switcheroo going on and they've taken away my blue skies and given me their grey ones. Give me back my sunshine PLEASE!! I like what you did to link your card die cuts together - that actually makes a lot of sense.


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