Monday, June 9, 2008

Episode 2 tomorrow!!

Okay - Episode 2 of Understand Blue airs tomorrow! Get your DVR's going - and cross your fingers that we have no technical difficulties!

I'm really excited because we finished editing the show that will air July 1 - a patriotic episode. You know how patriotic I am!!!

This week's show (tomorrow) features the Embrace Life stamp set.

Next week's is REALLY fun, because it's the book with the chopstick binding from Leadership.

Then we will re-air episode one because of the technical problems and then the patriotic episode. I have no idea what we're doing after that - there's a lot of editing to be done between now and then.

I'm thinking of doing a black and white episode and actually filming it in black and white - what do you think about that??

Also, an employee of Carbonite posted a comment on last night's post - those people are on the ball!!! Check out their blog - it's interesting and actually answers some of the questions I had, like backing up an additional drive - I have two internal hard drives (have I ever done anything the easy way) and I couldn't figure out how to back up my second drive. Anyway, they seem very nice and accessible. After a voiceover and quick editing session, plus 15 graphics I have to redo for the show tonight I don't feel like checking my desktop computer for backup status, but I bet all my files are safe and secure, so I'm happy!!

Have a great evening - tune in tomorrow!!

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