Friday, September 11, 2020

The Joy of Shimmery Monoprints + Scooby Doo Magic

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I actually don't have a card for you today - SHOCK! I have a card in the making - a few beautiful Gel Press prints that will become cards in upcoming posts - but I had to share just the prints with you because the tutorial uses something very unexpected for Gel Press prints - liquid watercolor! And a shimmery acrylic that makes them work. Then I add in Impressables and alcohol inks for a mixed media party! So stay tuned below for the video and for a little birthday present I bought myself.

It's so shimmery in real life - but you'll see in the video, along with numerous other prints. I might make these into bags along with my leaf bags. We will see. 

Here are the supplies I used - really very minimal supplies! Then come back for my birthday present and a few thoughts about today.

[ SSS | BLIC ]
Gel Press Impressables
[ BLIC ]
CG757 Ocean Waves Bold Prints - Hero...
[ HA ]
Liquitex Iridescent Medium | BLICK...
[ BLIC ]
PD114 Liquid Watercolors Indigo -...
[ HA ]
PD113 Liquid Watercolors Deep Ocean -...
[ HA ]
Ranger Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks | BLICK...
[ BLIC ] : Hammermill 102467 Copy...
MISTI Stamping Tool
[ MSP | SSS | ELH | MFT ]
Absorber - Synthetic Cleaning Cloth
Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer...
Warner Brothers - Scooby-Doo Crew |...
[ TRV ]
Stranger Things - Season 3 Uprising |...
[ TRV ]
The Office - Schrute Farms | Tervis
[ TRV ]
Parks and Recreation - Lil Sebastian...
[ TRV ]
Pop Culture Fan Shop | Tervis
[ TRV ]
Warner Brothers - Scooby-Doo Crew |...
[ TRV ]

Okay so I'm taking today off Facebook because it's not a day I care to relive through everyone posting photos and memories. I just cannot. 

So I thought I'd share my birthday presents to myself, which I timed to arrive this week. 

I have very clumsy cats. They love to jump up onto my desk and then onto the card catalog, which is higher. Sometimes they misjudge and since where they jump up is usually where I have my coffee, I can't tell you how many times they've spilled my coffee all over my desk. Since I got my new Uplift Standing desk, which we custom cut a wood IKEA top for, I figured I can't have that anymore - my other desk was a MICKE desk from IKEA with easy to clean melamine. This desk will stain with 16 oz. of cold brew. 

So I set out in search of a cup with a lid. I know some of you will ask why I didn't go with YETI, but sadly, YETI cups are made in China, and I will not put food or beverages into anything made in China. So I went with one of my favorite companies that manufactures in Florida - Tervis

I picked a few of the cups with lids and was pleasantly surprised to find that they now have licensed art from some of my favorite shows - Scooby Doo, Stranger Things, Harry Potter, Parks & Rec - and they even have Charlie Brown and Baby Yoda!

This might be a fun gift for our poor beleaguered parent teachers and teacher teachers right now!

Check out what I bought.

Schrute Farms - I DIE!

So anyway - I love them. I've had their cups forever but these are my first with lids, and so far my desk is safe. 

If you've been wondering if sending cards makes a difference, I'll leave you with this. In 2015, I posted on my blog a request for y'all to send cards to Alex, my Costco greeter. You can read that request here. 

Today, I opened the mail to find a card from him - five years later. What you are doing matters in people's lives. Keep doing it. Thank you to everyone who encouraged him five years ago to keep going. He did. 


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  1. That letter from Alex. How heartwarming. To put it simply, stories like this make me feel so good.

  2. Oh what a heart warming card. A gorgeous piece of art you have created
    Claire Mrs H's Crafty Corner

  3. There is a Tervis for every occasion! And they have a lifetime guarantee and will replace them if the seal cracks or anything happens to them. I live in Michigan, but picked up several on vacations to Florida through the years. Love looking at palm trees, beaches and hammocks while I'm taking a drink up in chilly Michigan! :)

  4. Lydia, I just had to say thanks, I was reading your blog in a very rare break. Waiting on the Dr to call for a tele visit. I have been working non stop every day, as hard as I can to make as many cards as I can physically make. I take them every year for breast cancer awareness month. I make a packet of 5 cards and a little note. I am struggling this year to get any help from other channels so I feel like the pressure is sitting on my shoulders. I can't take less than I did the year before, now can I. At this point I have almost a thousand done and I will continue through the month and deliver them in Oct.
    Reading the sweet card from your friend at Costco, really touched my heart. A great reminder that what we do does make a difference. I have been on bedrest for over 7yrs now and was feeling a bit useless. So this gave me a project I can work on in the bed, and feel like it is my way to give back.
    Which btw Dr called and more test, oh yeah, nottttt lol.
    Have a great day Lydia and never doubt you matter.
    God Bless


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