Friday, September 18, 2020

Negative Space Fill Monoprints VIDEO + Giveaway

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Happy Friday, my friends!!! 

I've been playing with ideas for my virtual retreat - have you signed up yet - and so I've had my Gel Press on my desk all week! So that means tons of cards because I get so many prints per session.

All this while battling a bizarre doorbell incident. We replaced our very old Ring doorbell with an Arlo doorbell. I really liked it. For a day. Until a mysterious bonging started. It started the day after we installed it. Naturally, we thought the sound was coming from our doorbell chime in the hall. So we messed with that a bit. Then, by 9 PM when the bonging was still happening despite our chime box being disconnected, we made a horrifying discovery. 

we have two doorbells

I'm going to need someone to explain to me why in a tiny house, a person feels the need - honestly for even one chime box - I hate the doorbell - FOR TWO DOORBELL CHIMES. ONE OF WHICH IS LOCATED NEAR OUR BEDROOM.


So we rage disconnected it - and lo and behold - there was still bonging. I'll save you everything in between that and when the Arlo stopped working, but it was pretty maddening. Our final solution was to hook everything back up exactly the way it was after the install - and poof - the Arlo started working again and the bonging didn't come back. Mysterious. And we are still left with they mystery of the LUNATICS that wanted to hear their doorbell two times. 

I do give five stars to Arlo though. My older Ring had a terrible lag and poor connectivity. This one is great. 

Today is a fun aspect of monoprinting that I love. Every time you use a stencil or a mask to print you get two different types of prints. One with open empty space that you can fill with another medium, and one with positive imagery. I have a video for you so you know what I mean, but here are the samples from my session and a few extra card with some GORGEOUS stencils being released today - there's a bundle that includes a combination of geometric and botanical stencils - you can see the full bundle here. Stay tuned for the video and a giveaway below!

First up - what I call the positive image print with this stunning leaves stencil. On this print, I used teal, quinacridone magenta and Hansa yellow Golden Open Acrylics. I finished it with this lovely die.

This is another positive space print. I finished it with alcohol ink and the same dies.

Now this is one of the negative space prints - totally different look to the stencil!

And the second negative space print - I love how blocky it is and these hot colors.

Such a fun notecard set and so quick. 

But how am I supposed to resist geometric designs? I AM NOT. So I used this fun circle stencil, and I just used one color, rotated it in my MISTI, used a second color, rotated, third color, rotated, fourth color. Every little square it creates is totally different! so much fun. I used the sentiment from this set on a circle of duralar. I adhered it with my invisible vellum adhesive

And finally, I blended a rainbow through this fun stencil -  I love that it can be used to point to an image or a sentiment. I used the sentiment from this set.

Ready for the video? Click here if you don't see a video player below, and then come back for giveaway info and more inspiration from some amazing artists. 

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If you leave me a comment today, you'll be entered to win a $15 gift card for Altenew.

Leave comments on all the blogs below to be entered to win a $30 gift card (3 winners).

Grab the bundle by clicking here or the graphic below.

Now go see my friends! 


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  1. Lydia, your creations are amazing. I love watching your videos. (I even purchased a gel press recently because of your creations. Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are just gorgeous! I especially love the way you rotated the circle stencil!

  3. Fantastic creations as usual,Lydia! And the doorbells story..cracked me up! When I was 8, we moved to a house built in 1852 and previously inhabited by a big time tinkerer...well, we found stuff like the "two doorbells" for years and years. Anyway, thanks for reminding me of the old casa and my happy childhood--all while enabling me to buy every more Altenew stencils!

  4. Fabulous collection of stencils, and you sure have created some amazing style on your cards! Thanks for sharing such inspiring ideas.
    hugs, JA

  5. your house sounds haunted. ;) I have an old school 1950's house with the original organ pipe doorbell that I refused to disconnect for the Ring doorbell because I love it so much. I press my old doorbell into action for all my new guests. I'm annoyingly appreciative of it like that. LOL! You cards here are the best! I'm really drawn to the CAS beauty within one.

  6. Wow, Talk About bold colors. These are amazing. TFS

  7. Your prints came out beautifully! I have recently gotten a gel press, but I'm so afraid to use it.....i don't know why it's just paper and paint, but YOU have given me the courage to try....will tag you on social media when I do and let u know how it turns out!!! Fingers crossed!! Big Hugs!!

  8. I love how your sentiments just pop from your beautiful backgrounds!

  9. Your monoprints are gorgeous! Love the way you used the stencils with the gel plate.

  10. Always like to see you work the gel plate. Super colorful base and the final look is very artful and different. Good visit.

  11. Lydia thanks so much fro sharing the gelli plate techniques. Looks Ike so much fun.

  12. I so enjoyed watching you make these cards. I'm new to gel press- I'll be receiving my first in the mail tomorrow! I will be returning to this video for inspiration. I really am amazed how you combined in your mixed media card your water based paints and later the alcohol ink! So pretty and vibrant. Another cool way to use alcohol inks! I would love to watch you make the card with the circles. Thanks for all your inspiration.

  13. These are beautiful backgrounds!

  14. Lydia, these cards are simply stunning and I'm glad you got your doorbell situation figured out. LOL, that would drive me mad!

  15. Your cards are amazing. I love the beautiful colors and the wonderful techniques. So many possibilities with these new stencils!

  16. Thank you very for the incredible and inspirational video. I learned a lot. Mono printing looks like a lot of fun. Your cards turned out magnificent and I especially like the second prints.

  17. Such pretty cards. I love the look of the modern circles stencil on your card. That one is definitely on my short list. :)

  18. love both the purple + the verdigris prints!

  19. Love the top verdigris print! I'm new to gel printing and I'm going to have to work on fighting the instinct to clean my stencils immediately!

  20. Fabulous! Love your ideas for using the stencils.

  21. Gorgeous cards and I love the different techniques. My favorite cards are the geometric ones. I especially love the first card. It is gorgeous!

  22. The colors and patterns you get with your gel press is pretty cool! Love your cards!

  23. so interesting to see gel press techniques and great cards...

  24. Love your cards!
    Thanks for sharing.

  25. Beautiful backgrounds. Great video. Thanks for sharing

  26. Your cards are amazing!! Beautiful art pieces. Purple is so eye catching

  27. Beautiful stencil designs! Love your awesome color combos on these pretty cards!

  28. I could watch you do gel press for hours, I love that teal(?) and neon pink!! I will be checking out the stencils.

  29. Lydia, I adore your card using the Circles stencil. The way you rotated it & used a different colour each time makes it so beautiful & soft looking. I've recently purchased a gel plate but haven't played with it yet as I know I need to be able to loosen up & just "slap" some paint down & go for it. I really enjoyed your video & bookmarked it so I can refer to it again & give it a try. I did not know you could use Alcohol Inks on a gel plate. I really like the look it created. Thanks!

  30. Those cards came out stunning (and I love how funny your comment moderation note is)... Thank you for the inspiration!


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