Wednesday, September 2, 2020

It's ok if all you did was survive...

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I lied. I told you I was going to post this a few weeks ago and then I didn't. 

Time is passing in strange ways this year. But I'm here today with the video , and I hope you like it.

There are so many ways to create texture when you are gel printing and save things from heading to the landfill, so that's what today's video is all about. One of the things that grabbed my attention early about gel printing was the everyday objects used as texture tools - bubble wrap, the wine bottle wraps, etc. I love repurposing in general, but especially if I can make art out of it.

So today I combined my two favorite things - my fave leaf printing technique and upcycling some plastic. The little star you'll see in the video is my fave.

The sentiment is from this beautiful and encouraging set. It's a message for 2020 for sure. Hang in there.

I used Golden Open paints and my 5x7 Gel Press - I love this size for doing videos. Speaking of, here's the video. Come back for a super copycat recipe. 

Clear Stamps- Positive Thoughts -...
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I love copycat recipes. I'm not interested in going into competition with restaurants I love, but sometimes I like to make my own versions at home - when you have food allergies like I do that becomes especially important. Most copycats are a disappointment, if I'm being honest, but every now and then, you hit on a winner, and today's is a winner. 

I can't eat Chick Fil A's regular chicken sandwiches anymore because they contain milk - but I'm including a good copycat for that too, compiled from a few copycats I found online and tweaked a bit. A lot of the recipes call for powdered sugar, which I found odd and left out, but maybe it's magical - who knows. But I LOVE their sauce and wanted a version without all the preservatives. This is so unbelievably spot on that I call it Spot On Chick Fil A sauce. You will want to eat it with a spoon if you like the original. Back in the late 1900s, I bought a quart of BBQ sauce from the best every BBQ joint in the town I grew up with when they were closing and I taste tested it and recreated it for a week until I perfected it. I'm not a fan of BBQ sauce on brisket, because brisket done right doesn't need it, but I do like it with pulled pork or chopped beef, and that place had the best sauce in the world - I got as close as I could, so enjoy that too.

1 TBS Whataburger Mustard

⅛ C. Lagnese Honey

⅛ C. BBQ Sauce (I used Corky’s but I also use homemade - my recipe is here)

¼ C. Duke's mayo

½ TBS Dijon (I used Maille)

½ TBS fresh lemon juice

Eat with perfect CFA fried chicken minus the dairy - recipe here


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  1. Thank you, Lydia! Chik-fil-a sauce is truly the bomb--so happy to see a recipe for it (we hoard the packs over here...)! And your gel press card is sort of transcendent. L.O.V.E. it.

  2. What great results! You’ve inspired me to dig out my Gel Press.


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