Monday, September 28, 2020

The Mystery of the Furry Undercoat + New Aunt Farm Video

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One of the many harbingers of doom this year is small and furry and black, and you've seen her little butt in many a video and zoom this year - little Maddie Bat.

In very early August I noticed something horrifying about her.

her winter undercoat came in

In August. In Texas. This is a full two and a half months before it should come in, and it filled my bones with dread - because I know that means winter will come early and hard. 

The last thing I need right now is a harsh winter or damage to my plants I've lavished all my pandemic attention on for six months. 

But the fur don't lie - and she is as furry as little mammoth. Splotch got his too - but he has much thinner fur than her normally so it's not as noticeable. 

Today brings an unseasonable cool snap, which is welcome. It's cleared out the swarms of mosquitos that have been making it impossible to be outside. 

My mom got me this easel for my birthday, so no mosquitos means I can head outside to paint and enjoy a little nature.

So I'm bringing you a serene nature card today. If you're feeling stressed or taking in too much news - go outside and get yourself this view - it's great therapy!

We have a new video from The Aunt Farm® for you today - it's my sister's roasted veggie salsa. Fire Aunt never makes a dish the same way twice, and so she's showing you how to take whatever leftover veggies you have and make a beautiful seasonal salsa with it. She's using a new to me herb that she's been raving about!

She also has a knack for finding cool tools for the kitchen, which you'll see. Supplies are listed under the video on YouTube. Enjoy this relaxing process and make some salsa this week!


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  1. I have two questions about the salsa recipe. One: can I make this in a food processor? I assume so, but didn't know if there was a reason not to. I don't have a good blender.
    And two: Why did she put the half-lemon in the juicer upside down? Or have I been doing it wrong my entire life?
    And... I do not accept your kitty's prediction. I am not having more drama this year.

  2. I read this yesterday (I'm less behind than usual!), and today I saw nearly a dozen blue jays in the garden eating seeds the other bird species had knocked to the ground. (I live in Michigan, that will be pertinent momentarily.) I don't remember having ever seen more than two blue jays at the same time before. My first thought was that seeing many birds (of the same feather) together generally indicates a migration in process. My next thought was, "Wait - we have blue jays in winter, they don't migrate!" I looked it up online (oh, Google, how I love thee) and learned that sometimes, blue jays do migrate. According to the website, no one knows why they sometimes do, sometimes don't, but of course, I decided it was a harbinger similar to Maddie's undercoat, and I'm convinced that this will be a hard winter, at least in Texas and Michigan.


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