Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Feeling Froggy

Do you collect anything? I'm not much of a collector of things, but I do have a few small collections. One is pieces of Wedgewood - the decorative pieces with the white "frosting". I have blue, black, pink and green pieces and they are beautiful.

I also have a small collection of vintage porcelain toast racks that I use to display cards I receive.

But on more than one occasion in my life, I've met people who collect a very specific thing.

And that thing is frogs.

You're going to need to let me know in the comments if you or someone you know collects frogs. I'd also love to know why they are so collectible.

I love frogs - real and otherwise, but I'm not a frog collector. I do have one frog in my house - it's a floral frog that's shaped like a frog, and I just couldn't pass that up one day at Uncommon Objects. It was too meta to just ignore.

If you have a frog collector in your life, today's card is for you!

I used this adorable new negative frog die to cut through the front of my Key Lime card base. I then cut it again out of a white card front so that I could get his eyes. Then on the inside of my card, I added a panel of black cardstock, popped in the whites of his eyes and just giggled at his cuteness.

I used this new birthday set for the sentiment, and a teeny strip of my fave black and white paper pack to finish it off.
Isn't he adorable? I just love him. Hope you have a good Wednesday!


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  1. haha... well. Me sort of. Joe used to buy me these cute little frogs at different airports when he traveled a lot. Then people heard about it and suddenly every gift I got from everyone had a frog involved. I downsized a bunch of frogs but I still have quite a few around here and there still. I do love a fun frog stamp or die though (I have lots of those).

  2. Cute! I can't say that I know anyone who collects frogs! Love that sentiment - off to check out the new release!

  3. Such an adorable little guy Lydia!

  4. Never been into frogs. Have a friend who is.
    I have several hundred elephants of all sizes.
    Was thrilled when I went on safari with my
    daughter and got to see them in the wild.
    thanks for sharing

  5. that card is so fun, and I have a small collection of frogs that were gifted to me. This started because, my little sister turned out to be dyslexic and by the time they figured it out and she started reading her self instead of faking it, she loved the frog and toad series books. we used to read these together a long time ago and sometimes years after this I used to buy her frogs. and my friends would see me picking up frogs I found for her and decided I was collecting them for me ha ha so, now I have some too.

  6. Love this card Lydia! So fun and cute!

  7. Interestingly enough, I do know someone who collects frogs..and that is my sister! She has quite a collection of metal and ceramic frogs that "live" in her garden, and people are always giving her frogs for every occasion. She admits that the frogs have taken on a life of their own and she would be just as happy if people STOPPED with the frog gifts already! As for me...I don't collect anything except for craft supplies, and that negative die frog looks like something that needs to join my household asap!

  8. He IS adorable! Love the diagonal stripes, always such a nice accent. My hubby's cousin collects frogs. It actually makes gift-giving so easy.

  9. Nope didn't have cute frogs - just mice!


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