Thursday, May 16, 2019

The Lost Card

I had so much fun making today's card. But my month has been chaotic, and before I got to blog it or even photograph it - I LOST IT.

I turned the house upside down looking for it, and nothing. I came to the conclusion that a cat had knocked it into my trashcan, so I did the unthinkable - I went outside and dug through our big, gross trashcan - ugh. It wasn't there. Then I was really sad.

I looked again for the rest of the day - nothing. I went back into the craft annex and noticed an envelope sitting on my rolling cart. It was a bill. I picked it up and dadgum it if this sweet little deer wasn't staring at me.

Overjoyed, I photographed her (she's clearly a she based on the eyelashes).

I stamped her on watercolor paper in Fadeout Ink and then used Daniel Smith watercolor to paint her. Then I used a multiliner to add detail to her spots and nose and eyes. The background is this stencil, and I used the Life Changing brushes to add Sea Glass ink to the panel before gluing the deer down. I added the sentiment from the same set. Don't you just want to hug her? You go ahead - I can't because I'm actually allergic to deer! True story! PS I love her little heart tattoo.

Interlocking Squares Mask - A...
[ CLD ]
Cuddlebug Fawn - Unity Stamp Company
[ UNT ]
GKD Color Companions Ink Pad- Sea Glass
[ GNK ]
Fadeout No Line coloring Detail Ink
[ INK ]
VersaFine Clair Ink Pad, Nocturne -...
[ ELH | SSS ]
Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors
[ BLIC ]
Escoda Versatil Brushes, Travel Round...
[ UTR | BLIC | INK ]
Life Changing Blender Brush 2-Pack -...
[ PFS ]
Fabriano Extra White Cold Press...
[ BLIC ]
Heavy Base Weight Card Stock- White
[ GNK ]
MISTI Stamping Tool
[ MSP | HA | SSS | ELH | MFT | UNT ]
Rotatrim Professional Series Cutter -...
[ BLIC ]
Tombow MONO MULTI Liquid Glue Two...
[ SSS | MFT ]
LightView 2in1 LED Magnifier for...
[ BRG ]
Lawn Fawn STAMP SHAMMY Cleaner LF1045
[ SSS | ELH | CST | ART ]
Art Anthology BIG CRAFT MAT 24x36 311473
[ SSS ]
Teflon Bone Folder - Ellen Hutson LLC
[ ELH | SSS ]
Crafter's Companion GEMINI...
[ SSS ]
Essentials by Ellen Storage...
[ ELH ]
Die Storage - Clear Storage Pockets...
[ CHC ]
XL Stamp Storage Pockets
[ ELH ]
Airtable: Organize your stamps & dies
[ ART ]

Do you have mystery disappearances in your craft room? Tell me about it in the comments!



  1. There is always something "hiding from me" in my craft room. I recently lost an ink pad (not a cube, a full size Catherine Pooler ink pad!) After looking several times over a few weeks, I bought a replacement. Of course the missing pad turned up after that! A win for my crafty friend who was gifted the extra ink pad! Currently one of my Misti magnets is missing - not the first time, and I'm sure not the last!

  2. So happy you managed to find this sweet deer card again. I'm always losing/misplacing stuff in my craftroom and on my cluttered craft desk. I hate when that happens, it's so frustrating. I suppose I should really organise my craft room better...

  3. I’m sure she was just as relived to be found! She is darling! As for Bill, he can youknowwhat.

  4. ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    To this day, I still haven't found the tiny little bumblebee dies that I lost 5 years ago. Gah.

  5. regrettably - this is an oft-repeated
    occasion in my craft room. Guess it
    just makes life more interesting.
    Glad you found your little cutie.
    thanks for sharing

  6. That's why I'm convinced there are ghosts, because I "lose" something, look all over for it, then it magically appears where I had looked before! :) Sweet baby deer!

  7. How is it that the more stencils I have, more I want? This is so dang adorable!

  8. Shouldn't I have signed a release for you to use my likeness on this card, Lydia? It's adorable!

  9. She is so cute and sweet! <3 I am glad you found her! :)

  10. Lose things in my studio? surely you jest, LOL! ALL THE TIME. But what I really want to know is how did you discover that you were allergic to deer???

  11. Why is it that we crafty people lose things? After reading your comments and posts on Stamp Junkies, it seems very common! I currently have a misplaced stamp set😔. Love your sweet card and I’m happy to say that I was the recipient of Avra’s “ found” ink pad ! 😊


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