Friday, May 3, 2019

Don't Make Me Crop You

Do you have a cropper in your past?

My paternal grandmother was infamous for cutting people out of her photos when they crossed some red line she'd set.

I sat down to make everyone in my family an identical album when my dad unearthed a pile of his family's photos that needed organization in the worst way. This was before I started working in the industry full time, and so I actually had a lot more actual weekends than I do now, and I could do large projects like this.

So I started going through the piles. She was really pretty good about writing names and dates on them, and it was fun going through them. But about a third of the way in I started noticing some "editing." I called my dad to ask what happened and he said "oh yeah, she cut people out of photos all the time!"

It was the World War II version of unfriending someone. I imagine it was much more satisfying to watch the offender fall dramatically into the trashcan than it is to click once on Facebook.

So when I saw this set - I INSTANTLY thought of her. She was quirky, and funny, and clearly did what she wanted.

She was not, however, a squirrel. But otherwise, it's accurate. (Stay tuned after the card for a link to a hilarious video)

To make the background, I brushed on just two inks with my blender brushes so you could see how well they blend - Capri and Bumble Bee. They make a bright, springy green where they blend, and this awesome, optical illusion stencil makes for a super eyecatching pattern.

The little grandmother squirrel from this adorable set is just colored with Copics and put onto a stitched circle die cut.

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So tell me the truth - have YOU ever cut someone out of a photo? Do spill that tea in the comments. I think I did in high school once, but I have no memory of who it was, which just goes to show you - high school drama is not important. Even at the time.

Hey - want to watch something funny? One of my favorite podcast hosts - it's one of the few non-murdery podcasts I listen to - agreed to voice over one of my videos. So the video from Wednesday I sneak peeked for my YouTube subscribers with Paul Csomo's voicover on it. You can find it here. His podcast is called Varmints - and they tell you all you need to know about a different animal every episode. It's fun and kid friendly.



  1. Yes, I did once - my daughter had attended Junior Class Ring Ceremony, a full formal, at her college with her then boyfriend. She looked gorgeous in the photo she sent. Shortly afterwards, he dramatically broke up with her. I wanted to put the photo in her scrapbook album but she was devastated. Through some Photoshop magic and a Fiskars trimmer I edited him out and cut him off.

  2. just sent me time warping back some 40 years when I worked for Photomat while in college (film development company-had those ridiculously small kiosks in parking lots just waiting to be robbed while you were stuffed in and could barely turn to the side)....I was actually in one of the store front ones.. And one day a woman is complaining all the heads are cut I am checking the negs to see if it was us and I realize I have family in this picture....and it was not us. It was her. She had cleanly decapitated most of the people in all the pictures.
    When I said Hey-that's my cousin-we figured out she was related to me. Which was good b/c she was willing to believe family that this was her fault.
    I found out later that she had been doing that forever. Running joke in the family.
    But from then on she would only work with me when she came in. Which made my co-workers happy.

    I suppose if I made cards with character heads cut off in a photo layout they might get a chuckle.

  3. Beautiful card, it really caught my eye on the bright colors, very nice.

  4. I am laughing to tears! I always wondered about photos my mom and grandma had that were cut or torn.I always thought that one of the younger kids got a hold of them. oh


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