Friday, October 26, 2018

Don't Skip Fall

I may be a warm-blooded desert-loving sun worshiper. BUT - my homeland and the place I went to college had actual fall.

And, if I'm being honest, I feel that it's the best brief season. Summer is the best season of all - don't get me wrong. HOT, DRY, SUNNY - that is the holy trinity. But a crispy, sunny day where things are colorful - that does pull a summer loving person towards a falling leaf. The only weakness of autumn is that it's a hostage situation - it's that place where you've left your one true love, summer, and you're hurtling towards your mortal enemy - winter. So it's sort of the bad boy, siren call season. And also a season we tend to skip in stamping and decor, which is a crime.

But it's pretty. And pretty wins most contests.

I was SHOCKED at all the color of autumns in upstate New York. Before I'd listened to 2000 hours of true crime podcasts, I spent most falls alone in one of the most beautiful cemeteries on the planet - the Mount Hope cemetery in Rochester. Susan B. Anthony is buried there. There were indigo buntings there, and ancient gravestones you could hardly read, and a field of military headstones. It would have been a sea of grey and white marble if it hadn't been for those spectacular fall colors. If only I'd learned to watercolor in college, I'd have a stack of lovely sketches to show for it.

Anyway - while I don't miss those temperatures, I will always think of fall as the MOST colorful of seasons. Even more so than spring, and so it's my favorite stamping season.

This card is from a video from a week or so ago (this year has been a blur) - and I had SO much fun making these crazy abstract backgrounds. I'll include the video below in case you missed it - but on this card I used this gorgeous large leaf stencil with this stamp set and my Gel Press to make this card. It really represents all the happy bright colors I remember from a pretty place that changed color a few times a year. I hand cut out the leaf after blending Distress Oxides on it with my life changing brushes (now they come in a two pack and a four pack) to match the background - Picked Raspberry, Mustard Seed and Peacock Feathers - and matted it on black cardstock. The sentiment is stamped in Nocturne. ( I feel like I don't even have to say that - it's the one true sentiment ink.)

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What is your favorite season? If you say anything with rain in it, I'll have to shun you, as my city has experienced the rainiest year on record and it's making me insane, not to mention I've been deprived of ice and running water for a week now.

So please, entertain me with your desert paradises.

And if you're looking for a sale - here's a great one - today and tomorrow and it includes lots of Concord & 9th, including this gorgeous songbird - 25% off all holiday stamps & dies!

Here's the video, ICYMI.



  1. I adore this technique!! You are always so inventive! And super kind to share your amazing creativity with us!!!

  2. My favorite season is Winter, I was born in December and it runs through my veins. The colder the better. When visiting mom in New Mexico, before she passed, I would be outside in 32° weather in my shorts. My husband calls me Nordic Woman or Mrs. Freeze. Your card is SO pretty! I need to get the Nocturne Ink.

  3. I love living where we get all four seasons, but without a doubt Fall is my favorite. There is something about the sun, the bright blue skies, the cooler air, and the colors of Fall. It's glorious.

  4. Love this technique Lydia. And I love your card. I agree with you about the Nocturne Ink too. It's the only one I use for sentiments.

  5. Mwah ahh ahhh! I found the card and video I have been remembering seeing some place. I love this happy accident tutorial. Many mahalos. AND I have a brand spanking new gel plate because you addicted me. Haven't broke it out yet. Am seriously concentrating on learning watercolor right now... love ya!


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