Friday, April 12, 2013

The Voicemail Puzzle

I was leaving a voicemail for my friend Mel the other day and as I listened to her message, I thought - what in the heck are we all doing?

Are there Martians here who don't know what to do when they hear the beep?

If not, why do all of us just record the same danged message on our voicemail? "This is X (huge surprise, since I dialed your number), I'm away from my phone right now (duh - I'm listening to your voicemail), please leave your name (Really?) and number (Oh, are you still using a rotary phone?) and I'll get back with you (that's not a guarantee anyway - why do we say it? I never call anyone back)."

We are numbed sheep. In honor of that revelation, I changed my voicemail message to include a fun fact about Norwegian farmers and none of the above garbage.

Think how much more entertaining our lives could be if we all used our outbound message as a means of communicating bizarre and hilarious tidbits of truth?

It might even make me use the phone more. Nah - that's not going to happen. I'm an anti-phonite.

Today is Mix-Ability challenge day on Splitcoast and Janelle, our hostess challenged us to use die cuts as a stencil or collage element. I decided to go with stencil because I had just bought a roll of Badger Frisket (is that not super fun to say??) for my monoprinting class and I was dying to use it! Now I'm completely in love. It's a low tack masking film and it works beautifully with dies.

I used the lattice die for my experiment and I learned a few things. First - the Frisket is pretty thin, so I probably should have cut it with a piece of cardstock on top to make sure the intricate parts cut all the way through. I had to hand cut a few. Also, the more intricate cuts like this need a steady hand when applying - you don't want bubbles under any part of the mask when you're sponging.

That being said, I still made a two minute stained glass card while watching NCIS so BOOM! I sponged Lucky Limeade and Tempting Turquoise with sponge daubers, stamped the greeting from Word Play and peeled off the mask. Easy.

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Come play along!

After you change your voicemail message, of course.



  1. Leaving the name is useful for when you just gave your number to someone like in email or something - especially if they don't know your voice very well/at all - in order to let them know they got the right number. That said, I think I still have the automated message from my phone provider. I'm not a phone person either.

    I wish it were easy to customize the answer depending on who is calling and when they call. "Hi, , you know better to call me while is on. Call me back when I'm in the present." or "Hello unrecognized caller. If you're selling me anything new I haven't already asked for, IMMEDIATELY add me to your do-not-call list. Any future calls will be considered harrassment and dealt with through the State Attorney General and a Facebook smear campaign."

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!! LOVE the colors and very cool gradient! Now I want to call you! ;)

  3. Oooh, how beautiful!!! You always make me want to get Word Play!

  4. Eons ago - like 23 years ago, when my kids were young, I left a voice mail message from the " nanny" in a fabulous English accent. I've had many variations since then. Now I just say you have called 555-1234 , thanks for calling and please leave a message. No promise of a call back. You are learning, Lydia!:)


  5. When I moved from "the farm" to my current city dwelling, I was really into the TV show, Sex & the City and my greeting went something like this, "Hi, you've reached Meg's voicemail. Rumor has it, she's sexless in the city. If you're hot, tell me something sexy. If you're not, well . . . "

    Had fun with this message, until my Grams (Grandma) called. Yet it still made me giggle in a goofy way. Had to change it after the pervy old (like 86 yo) concierge staff said something about it when I picked up my delivery for the day.

    I have no idea what it says right now, don't really call myself often.

  6. Gorgeous card! I bought a masking product &to have yet to use it! May just have to try this, super pretty!

  7. Oh drat... I think my first attempt was eaten by an alien.

    When I moved from "the farm" to my current city dwelling, I was really into the TV show, Sex & the City. Recently single, my voicemail went something like this:

    "Hi, rumor has it, Meg is sexless in the city. If you're hot, say something sexy. If you're not . . . "

    This was fun. Well, until Grams called. And then it became funny again. Until the pervy old (as in 86 yo) concierge said he really liked it when I got a package because he loved calling me.

    I have no idea what it says today. Don't really call myself often.


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