Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How We Should Order in Restaurants - You're Welcome

Another simple solution today to one of life's most pressing problems - the incorrect food order.

I walked 8 miles on Sunday. When I do this, I'm ravenous afterwards. I have to have serious protein or I'll die. So I had to squeeze in Five Guys before we went to a friend's house to watch the Master's.

Their online ordering is amazeballs. I do a lot of online ordering and theirs is one of the simplest and most customer friendly. Not only can you pick your own toppings, but you can pick the density. Like mayo, but not too much? They have a light mayo option. Want 40 zillion pickles? Choose heavy pickles.

The bottom line is when you get there it will be exactly what you want.

So I was thinking - why can't we do this at restaurants? The least valuable part of the customer/waiter relationship is the few moments where they try to memorize your order. The odds they'll get it wrong are high. The most valuable parts of the waiter/customer relationship are: greeting, drink and food bringing and check bringing. That whole part where they bug you while you're chatting - lose it. The part where they get your order wrong - lose it. Let us type our orders in just like we want them, ideally just on our cell phones and texted to the kitchen, and let us interact with our servers in a fun, stress-free way. Tips would go up, order accuracy would improve, and no one would be interrupted in the middle of an awesome story by a jittery server.

Just an idea. You're welcome.

This weekend I went to my very first My Favorite Things Party, hosted by the talented and lovely Lani. We all brought four of our favorite things, and then we did a drawing and each of us went home with four of everyone else's favorite things.

What I brought was this:

A London Fog kit. My favorite drink - steamed milk, vanilla, Earl Greyer tea and sugar. It's a religious experience. I stamped the lids and tags and shredded up First Edition DSP to put in the jars with the teabags and bottles of vanilla. the grey chevron bags on the outside hold the Demerara sugar cubes.

I hope they like it.

What I GOT was the following:

A Cool Gear insulated cup.                                                                                                                                          

A fun, folding beach bag.

 A local shop's cuticle balm  - this stuff is AMAZING! This was from my friend Tisa, of Tisa's Creations. I'm completely addicted to the Lemon Sugar balm. I love supporting local businesses and so does sweet Tisa. Here we are before the party at my stamping class.

A hair glossing polish that I can't wait to try! 
Some yummy tea:

Some SASSY nail polish in my favorite color:

Some SERIOUSLY wow hand cream - I was amazed at how this just disappears into your skin:

And from our beautiful, sweet hostess, Lani of Elle Dee designs:

EEP! I got eight of these - so cute!!!

Okay I know you're wondering if I'll EVER get to a papercrafting project but WAIT! I was talking to my co-worker, Lori, today when what to my wondering eyes did appear but a FOX!! In my yard! He snacked on my black sunflower seeds at my bird feeder, then frolicked over to my birdbath, and then hung out on our soon-to-be-tomato-box lumber!

Yes, he IS laughing at me in that last pic as my camera clicked away.

We're all happy that summer is here. :)

This is a sight I've never seen in my yard, and I'm so excited. The cats - fierce beasts that they are, slept through the kerfuffle.

They did NOT, however, sleep through the Oklahoma earthquakes last night. They completely freaked out and howled from 2 to 5. A lot of good that does me, kittens. That stuff was 6 hours from here. But thanks for the heads up. Meanwhile, something that can eat you is in the backyard, but no worries! Just nap on!

Anyway, I really do have a project for you today.

I stole the buoy idea from my friend Heidi - so cute! It was perfect for this month's Fan Club challenges!

We made this for my monthly stamp class, using the Fancy Favor die, Pool Party Core'dinations, Parker's Patterns DSP, Word Play, By the Seashore, and the Decorative Label Punch.

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Fun, eh? Heidi is so creative!

I hope you're still with me after all that rambling.

If so, loveyameanitbye.


  1. I want some of those jar lids. Seriously love those. And, I've been plum picking more than I should admit to in public lately.

  2. I would love to roll the tip money into the food prices and banish that part of the dance - as they do in Europe. Wait staff just do their jobs and are paid a fair wage by their employers. Customers just enjoy their meals.

  3. I love your ramblings! It would be great to have the good waiters that I have experienced at GOOD WOOD in draper all over. they always get it right and they never ask me a question just as I take a bite of food. they are super nice and awesome. I do wish that the servers here in Utah were paid a more fair wage. They still only make $2.00 an hour. That is just WRONG!!!!

    Love your favorite thing. I want to try drinking that it sounds delightful!

    How cool to have a fox visit you and to get to take those great pictures. I would be that happy if spring ever shows up here I tell ya.

    Love the little box so cute and summery.

    talk to you soon.

    <3 you too! M

  4. I'm just catching up on your blog, and looky the little buoy I find - eek! Lydia CASE'd me... I'm so excited!! :) Hugs!


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