Monday, April 1, 2013

Introducing CTRL+cat

After the last two cat induced computer disaster incidents, in which Splotchy deleted my Firefox toolbar and then my Windows toolbar, I came up with a fantastic invention.

The CTRL+cat command.

CTRL+cat would undo the last action your cat did on the keyboard. Like a little reverse macro. If your cat took multiple actions with his four feet, you could just press it multiple times until you got back to your normal state.

There's no other way to figure out the precise combination of keys that 7 pounds of cat on four feet can produce. Believe me - I've tried to walk it back - it can't be done.

We need computing power to figure that out.

You're welcome.

Now for something completely low tech. Last weekend, I had to do the summer ritual - raking all the oak leaves out of the flower beds, cutting out dewberries, pulling weeds, adding compost - all those things that make your back hurt.

During this exercise, a spider bit me, which I didn't realize until the next evening at our HOA meeting, where my elbow swelled up to 35 times its normal size and became very painful. Since I get bitten by spiders all the time, I knew what it was, but the spiders are all different, and this one was unusual. I took a Benadryl, iced it, did all sorts of stuff. The next day, nothing had changed. Then, I remembered that my brother in law had convinced me a few months earlier to go buy this "miraculous" Living Clay, and that it would cure anything on your skin. I had exhausted all other options at this point, so I thought I'd give it a try.

It was a milagro.

In two hours, it was half the size, and the next morning - it was almost normal. Amazing!

I'm totally a believer now!

It makes me not so mad at the spider, whose home I'm sure I destroyed during the chaos of  gardening.

And it makes me remember how happy I was when I dug up this.

You can see it's upside down from the way I found it - just that orange bit at the bottom was sticking up - a squirrel buried it I guess. And then the critters underground made this awesome face!!!

Pardon the dirt on my hands. I was laboring in the earth.

Speaking of squirrels - I'm really mad at mine. They are digging up all my plants right now. They dug up two of my silver ponyfoot plants last night and tossed them onto the lawn. Mad.

Gotta devise a squirrel proof cover tonight.

Here's a fun project from my embossing technique class this weekend. We had so much fun - we did five different heat embossing techniques. Imagine 12 heat guns going at once!

This one was one they showed us at Regionals in Dallas - I love the abstract design. It's Tempting Turquoise and Tangerine Tango and Whisper White embossing powder. Fun, eh?
Now - the most exciting news EVER! I contributed to my first ever Kickstarter campaign for a little company called Louie's Box. I loved their pitch and I thought it was a great idea, so I pitched in. So did a lot of other people, and their little venture got funded! Here's their pitch video.

I was so happy to go to the mailbox after work and find a package all the way from Jerusalem.

It contained my reward for helping them - a prototype Louie's Box and three T-shirts.

It took me two minutes to put it together, and then I think my review team kind of says the rest. 

Pin It

Splotchy LOVES this box. As a matter of fact - Maddie has not been allowed inside yet.

So fun to see a small business with a great idea come to life.

Maybe I'll set up a kickstarter for CTRL+cat.



  1. Luv the kitty submarine play box!!

    So sorry about the spider encroachment ... but happy about the miracle stuff!

    And .... hoping for a mini-class on that fabby card when you get here for sure! Fun X's Four!

  2. I NEED A LOUIE'S BOX!!! Yes, I am yelling!! Holy cr@p!! That is so awesome!! :D :D :D And your card?!! Wowzers! Love the colors. Girl, you are wicked talented. Now, keep your pretty hands away from spiders and make more pretty stuff. :) xoxo

  3. YIKES on the spider bite!

    Yes! on the CTRL+cat although truthfully I have more problems with Ms. Storm jumping on the computer desk and sitting in front of the screen at a really important time!

    Love the face on the acorn!

    Wow on the colors of your card!


    OH MY! on the Louie's Box! I can see Storm and Lil Bit loving that! Storm totally demolished a paper bag tonight. She ran from clear across the room and dived into it, sending bag and cat sliding into the wall!

    The box is too cute and what fun for you to have a hand in helping the project get off the ground!

  4. Ha ha ha! I need a Ctrl +kid too after you get the cat version done.

    Re: squirrels. Trying sprinkling a little cayenne pepper around the plants in question. This worked for me in Minnesota.

  5. OMG You're terrible! I'm sitting on the edge of my seat in panic/worry over your spider bite! LOL Ever watch that icky show infested? YUCK and Scary all together. Love the cat stories, mine had sent Im's through yahoo messenger to my sister, she text me asking what in the world... got to love the fur babies right!

  6. HAHAHAH!!! Love my morning Lydia read!!!!! I see my phone is going to let me comment!!!

    The above cayenne idea also keeps neighboring dog and cats from pooping in your pretty nicely even rake marked dirt too ;)


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