Friday, April 19, 2013

You Are a Star

I saw many great videos this week, which I'll show you after my paid political announcement:

*****Paid Political Announcement*****

Dear Stampin' Up!,

Please, please, please do not retire the stamp set By the Seashore. I love this set. I love the text inside the images. I love the classic beach images. I love to color them. I'm getting all cranky and discombobulated just thinking that you MIGHT retire them. I'm making my hair look all crazy from wild fits of running my hands through it during my occasional retirement panic attacks. I know that you want me to have peace and joy, so please, just do what I say. Please. Seriously. Love, Me.

*****End of Paid Political Announcement*****

Okay, so I used this set today for Dina's Mix-Ability challenge - Pop Goes Your Color Wheel! SQUEE! This is my favorite design principle, so I'm stoked to see it in our mixed media setting. The challenge is either to do mostly warm colors with a pop of a cool color, or mostly cool colors with a pop of warm - LOVE!! I chose mostly cool with a pop of warm, after seeing a GORGEOUS card that one of our newest Dirty Girls - Linda Paider, aka Holstein - made for the Fan Club Gallery using graphite to color with.

I LOVE graphite. I love the soft, sparkly look it gives your card. The greys are both deep and light reflectors. Perfect coloring medium. I'm lazy, so I used my water soluble graphite and painted with it. Hers was more painstaking. If you're a Fan Club Member, go check it out.

So I masked and stamped the shells in Basic Black and then watercolored them with the ArtGraf graphite. Then I stamped the starfish image on a separate piece of paper and colored it and adhered it with a glue dot.

The greeting is from the I Am... set we got at Convention last year. I love that set. I don't use it enough.

Stamps:By the Seashore, I Am... Ink: Basic Black 
Accessories: AquaPainter, Viarco ArtGraf water soluble graphite, TouchTwin markers: YR33, YR21, Y45

Viarco ArtGraf Graphite
[ BLIC ]
ArtGraf Viarco Pigmented Tailor Chalk...
[ BLIC ]
ArtGraf Viarco Pigmented Tailor Chalk...
[ BLIC ]
ArtGraf Viarco Pigmented Tailor Chalk...
[ BLIC ]

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OH - speaking of Convention - don't forget to sign up for the annual Understand Blue Happy Hour!

Okay - now since you ARE a star, I wanted to show you two videos I saw this week that I loved. One you may have already seen, but watch it again because it's awesome.

Then, watch this one, which will make you smile. :)



  1. Actually the one with the men made me sad - they looked hurt. Men have feelings too.

  2. The men video absolutely cracked me up! I love your card. I love that set and I will pray along with you that it will continue to live on. And have I mentioned I love your blog? I love that you crack me up.

  3. Lydia, I love the shell stamp set and would you believe that I have not used it yet?!?! I need to give it a try TODAY!

    The videos are very thought-provoking, and no I hadn't seen them!

    Susan, aka Soozie4Him on SCS
    moot96 AT aol DOT com


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