Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy Birthday Grumpy Cat!!

This week brings birthdays to two of my favorite mammals on the PLANET - Grumpy Cat

and my friend +Korin Sutherland.

Grumpy Cat turns 1 year old today, and Korin turns I BELIEVE sixteen years old tomorrow. :)

So in honor of both of them, I watercolored a portrait of little Tardar Sauce for Korin's birthday card. Sorry for the early peek Korin!

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I love you both and hope you both have a very happy birthday!!



  1. Eeee! Great water coloring, that lucky Korin! I'm in some good company, because my birthday is know I love me some Grumpy Cat :D

  2. Great post, and I love the new look Blog header too! Jo x

  3. LOVE this!!! What an AWESOME GIFT!!!!!


  4. I just love you and don't tell you nearly enough, LOL, but I check out each one of your blog posts cuz ya never know whatcha will find here!!! Korin is a lucky girl to be the recipient of your painting (are you sure she is old enough to appreciate it? Perhaps you should send it to me and I will hold it for her until she is older...LOL) Have a grumpy cat day, because he sure has it made...


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