Sunday, March 31, 2013

I've Fixed Our Country

Well really my sister has. But since she doesn't blog, I'm taking credit for it.

We were having a pre-Easter lunch with my parents yesterday and discussing the general worthlessness of politicians, and she came up with a brilliant idea.

We are always complaining about the parties, and the star-bellied Sneetchishness of the labels, the moneygrubbing scumbags occupying office for their entire lives and becoming billionaires through the mysterious process of doing nothing except getting elected, and that the collective intelligence of elected officials in the country is just shy of that of a fuzzy caterpillar.

The simple solution to al this has been in front of us for decades.

The Selective Service.

Every American registers for the Selective Service at age 18, and we hold a draft for President, Vice President, Senator, Congressman, Governor, Mayor and dog catcher. When you are selected, you go serve, or you go to prison.

Think of the variety of leaders we'd get! Race, gender, party, age, height, width and intelligence!

We also decided that to stop the festering, rotting old folk phenomenon that the term limit for every draftee is one year. The constant turnover would make the current bribery system ineffective.

You don't get paid for your service  either. My sister suggested that the draftee should actually have to pay us while serving, but I opt for the jury duty stipend of $6 per day. Everyone would have the great experience of serving the public for one year. No one would fester in office. The constant change would be refreshing, after hundreds of years of watching the petrified political forest petrify.

One year we'd have the Rent Is Too Damn High party guy, the next year a woman who can spin plates in the circus. Think of the possibilities! The odds of getting a stamper for president just shot up dramatically!

Please start a petittion on immediately and let's get this place back on track!

Now take a gander at my Mix-Ability challenge sample for this week! It was my turn to host, and I decided on an "under construction" theme. I asked people to use metal + a coloring medium on their card. For this sample I glued tinfoil to cardstock and then embossed it. Then I painted it with Lettuce alcohol ink. Next, I tried to sand it, but it tore the foil, so I decided to beef it up a bit with gesso, more Lettuce ink, and then I sponged it with Soft Suede ink for depth. Then I sanded it to expose the shine of the foil. I love the way it turned out. I added a little watercolor birdie from Young Vermilion. Love that bird.

Maybe in our next iteration of the Selective Service Election system, birds will go in the mix. Better than bird brained humans, that's for sure.

Until then, may the odds be ever in your favor.

Easter blessings.



  1. LOVE the idea of a STAMPER in office!!!! WOOT! Maybe they could fix the Post Office scandal of open packages... Prison Term for missing Craft Supplies purchased! ;)


  2. Stamper for President! AWESOME! She'd send thank you cards to EVERYONE!

    By the way, maybe a baby step would be to repeal the "medical coverage for life" perk and make Congress forage for health coverage when they leave office. That'd change things REAL fast.

  3. Love your ideas! Now how do we make the change happen?!!!

    Stunning card! Wow what a fabulous way to use foil!!! Beautiful bird too!

  4. Thumbs Up on those suggestions!!

  5. I've always thought that anyone who wanted to be in charge of the country as president, vp or a member of congress had to have a screw loose.

    your ideas may work.

  6. LOL, ok, I have decided that if this draft goes into effect, I am moving to Canada. lol. I would however love to volunteer to serve on Congress, their amount of pay does not decrease after retiring. What a sweet deal that is. Great Card Lydia, very pretty!!!

    Hugs, Lisa

  7. Having served our great nation I think a mandatory draft where EVERYONE serves is a great idea! Why wouldn't you want to? Other countries do it and they don't whine like we do. I think we'd gain a whole new respect for our country. But, hey...that's just me. And having the possibility of someone super cool as Prez?!? BONUS!!! Your ideas (and your sis') absolutely rock. :)


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