Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blueprint for a Bunneh

Sometimes when your (unnamed so that he isn't publicly shamed like I want to shame him) extraordinarily squeaky animal squeaks you awake at 4:30 AM on a school day, you are in that perfect combination of comatose and annoyed that inspiration strikes.

Today was just such a day.

As I reached for the squirt bottle that has Splotchy's name (oopsie - I shamed him) on it, I was hit as if with a lightning bolt with a cool idea - blueprints.

I think that Tim Holtz's blueprint stamps had taken over my subconscious while I slept and I thought - hey - I can do that! All I need is blue and white - two things I have on hand at all times!!

I prepared the base of my blueprint with my Gelli Plate, and Golden Open Acrylics in Pthalo Blue and Ultramarine Blue - these are good because they dry more slowly than regular acrylics so you can pull multiple monoprints from your Gelli Plate with them. I brayered the paints together and then printed a full sheet of my faux blueprint color.

Then I stamped the bunneh from Everybunny in Whisper White, and traced the image with my white gel pen, which I also used for the blueprint annotations.

I used my retired Ballet Blue marker for the annotations I made on grid paper for the background. The card base is Whisper White.

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If it were that easy to make a bunneh don't you think we'd all have them? :)


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  1. What a fun card! Love that blueprint! If you have to wake up that early at least you had a cool card on the brain!

    Hmmmm....For some reason I never thought of bringing a spray bottle to bed! Our Tiger is gone now but he used to wake me regularly. Now I just have to say sternly to Lil Bit SHHH and she stops growling at Storm and we all sleep through the night!


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