Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Birthday, You Old Elephant!!

Not you, of course.

I'd never call you an old elephant.

Unless you made me mad, and then I might.

Either way, I'd make you an awesome birthday card.

Today's Mix-Ability challenge on Splitcoast is to splatter. So I thought I'd use a cute Polaroid™technique I saw on Pinterest to create a little old timey circus themed Polaroid and splatter it with my Color Spritzer Tool.

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I did a quick video on this card, which you can see here if you don't see a player below. If you want to play along with the challenge, use keyword MIX7 when uploading to Splitcoast.

When you're done - check out a few little springy sights from my yard.

This is the most beautiful two week period of the year. I plan to spend most of it outside.



  1. Courtney just watched your video and was completely fascinated. She said "Mommy she's putting TICKETS on her card!! Tickets! Tickets pleeeeaaase!" and also "That girl really has pretty nails." :-) Love the polaroid technique, must try it!

  2. I really enjoyed watching your tutorial Lydia!! I am such a visual person, and it really helps to see those. I also agree with the girl above - pretty nails - love the color. :>)


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