Monday, March 18, 2013


One of my favorite Britcoms is Keeping Up Appearances.

It features a fussy lady - Hyacinth Bucket - who is all about her reputation.

She is a dictator in a floral dress and she is HYSTERICAL. Her family is the British version of white trash, and they are always embarrassing her at the most crucial moments. Her husband is so beaten down by the dictatorship, but gets in a good jab every now and then.

It's right up there with Fawlty Towers and The Vicar of Dibley.

At least once an episode, she "corrects" the pronunciation of her last name - Bucket - to what she insists is pronounced "Bouquet", much to the amusement of everyone.

So now, every time I see a Hyacinth, I hear "BOUQUET residence, lady of the house speaking!!" in her high pitched voice.

Cracks me up.

We didn't have hyacinths in our yard where I grew up (or cranky British ladies) but we did have hydrangeas. My mom would stick a rusty nail down in the soil near them to make them super blue. They are such insanely beautiful flowers. I don't see too many of them in Austin - it might be too hot and dry. I do miss them.

Luckily - I have stamps :)
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Ink: Early Espresso, Memento Pear Tart
Accessories: Touch Twin Markers: G48, GY48, PB73, PB75, PB76

I used the no line coloring method (sort of) for this card with the Best of Flowers set and some Memento Pear Tart Ink, and Touch Twin Markers. The green ink mostly disappears after you color it and leaves you with softer edges.

I thought I'd hop along with some of my friends today too - wanna see their cards?

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Elaine Hughes -
Lydia Fiedler - << You are here :)

After you're done hopping around, you should seriously download Keeping Up Appearances. I guarantee you'll see a friend or relative in those characters :)



  1. oooh, love hydrangeas. esp. blue ones.

    might have to get this set. Thanks for waking up the wantmonster (again!!)

  2. So pretty Lydia! I had hydrangea's growing up and a British neighbor, Margaret. She was a wonderful gardener and we shared many plants with each other.
    I watched the series you are talking about, many years ago and loved it! Don't know how her husband put up with her :0
    Have you seen the British Coupling series and the Cold Feet? I could lend them to you if you would like.

  3. I completely adore "Keeping Up Appearances"! Did you know that it's on Netflix??? It's a guaranteed *kneeslap* and a possible *snort* in every episode! (And I do enjoy "Are you Being Served?", as well!)


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