Sunday, April 1, 2012

I Won the Mega Millions!

Well, not really.

I did buy a ticket though.

Along with 640 million other people I guess.

I love it when there are mysterious winners who haven't come forward. I think if I did win, I'd definitely be one of the mysterious types, not one of the types who blogs about it.

Or AM I being mysterious and I really DID win and am I'm just April Fooling you in reverse??

How will you ever know?

Maybe I'll just send you a postcard from Moscow or somewhere fun just to keep you guessing.

From Russia, with love....
Stamps: Everything Eleanor, Hand Penned Holidays
Paper: Soft Sky, Whisper White
Ink: Versamark, Basic Black
Accessories - Pentel White Pencil, White Gel Pen, Perfect Layers Tool

до свидания :)

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