Saturday, April 14, 2012

When I Grow Up, I'm Gonna....

I remember very frequently when I was little having serious discussions with my friend and partner in crime - David - about things we were going to do when we grew up.

As we had easy access to a 7-Eleven and its Slurpee and Now and Later treasures, a frequent topic of these conversations was the amount of candy we would be eating for dinner when we were of legal eat-candy-for-dinner age. We were positive that we were going to be having Skittles and Starbursts every night as we watched the Hardy Boys or whatever other free adults did after candy dinner.

But the other day, as I was smugly enjoying the privileges of adulthood by eating Laughing Cow cheese and Triscuits for dinner, as is my grown up right, I realized that we overlooked something very important in our plotting.

We never actually saw any adults eating candy for dinner. Not a single one.

I don't know why this didn't occur to us. If it had, I'm sure it would have been horrifying to suspect that some monstrous change in our brains was going to make us look forward to boring steak and chicken at the end of a hard work day and not an endless buffet of candy. We might not have been able to go on with our spirits crushed by this realization. Perhaps it's for the best.

But I will say that choosing what I get to eat for dinner, especially on days when I just want Cheetos or cheese and crackers, is one of the truly wonderful freedoms I enjoy as an adult. Sometimes I'm very happy that I no longer serve time in food prison and can just do what I want. It's probably one of the most constraining parts of childhood, really.

I was inspired by my friend Jami to make a candy colored card today for my monthly stamp class. Her version used a sweet dandelion stamp and Shimmery White cardstock.

For mine, I embossed the doilies on the left with clear embossing powder and then sponged Daffodil Delight and Pink Pirouette over them, after masking the left side with a Post-It note. The doilies on the right (These are from Delicate Doilies) are stamped in Daffodil Delight. I added a strip of silver glimmer paper and a greeting from Afterthoughts (hostess set) in Basic Black.

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Sweet color combo isn't it?

Very springy and happy and sweet.

Speaking of sweet - maybe tonight I will have sour apple Now and Laters for dinner. :)


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  1. I TOTALLY love the eat-what-I-want for dinner, and bfast & lunch, too. And 3 pm warm cookies. Oh, yeah, baby, the privileges of adult-hood. :)


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