Monday, April 30, 2012

Messy workspace? The Secret to Life, the Universe and Everything...

So here's how I realized this.

And I'm not just rationalizing. Seriously.

I woke up at about 4:45 to a pack of coyotes yipping down the street. It's such a cute sound.

What follows is not.

One millisecond later, Splotchy, who thinks he's a coyote, and who was sound asleep, shoots off me and heads for the window to yip back. He sounds JUST like them. It's so ridiculous that it's funny and I laugh despite not being quite awake. It wasn't much weirder than sleep anyway - I had had a dream that Arnold Schwarzenegger and I were working on a project where people would rent beds in malls and sleep out in the open areas, and it started raining inside while we were planning which threw a wrench in all of it.

But after Splotchy started yipping, ALL the dogs in the neighborhood started howling together. Dogs and coyotes do not like each other. Yip, yip, howl. Yip, yip, howl. Time to get up.

I started working and after about five hours, having forgotten coffee altogether (mistake) I took an art break. My desk is a disaster. I just don't have time to be organized right now. So I did what I always do. I pushed everything away to clear a spot JUST big enough for a tiny piece of watercolor paper and I started to paint. I'm slow, so halfway through, when I was just starting to relax and have fun I realized that my mess was exactly the reason stampers and artists are my favorite people.

We can make a tiny bright spot in ANYTHING.

That's what you do when you push back all the clutter to make a tiny space to make something prety in. You just make your own little bright spot.

Optimism in its purest form.

Strangely enough, a very good metaphorical match for the image I was coloring.  I love it when the universe lines up.

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Stamps: Sweet 'n Sassy Treasured Ink: Basic Black, Tangerine Tango, Summer Sun  
Paper: Watercolor paper, First Edition DSP, Going Grey  
Accessories: Want2Scrap bling, Viarco Water Soluble Graphite, Aquapainter, White Gel Pen, Black Marker
Viarco ArtGraf Graphite
[ BLIC ]
ArtGraf Viarco Pigmented Tailor Chalk...
[ BLIC ]
ArtGraf Viarco Pigmented Tailor Chalk...
[ BLIC ]
ArtGraf Viarco Pigmented Tailor Chalk...
[ BLIC ]

The monarchs are recovering here from last year's drought and it's good to see them again. They are our state insect, and I love them.

They make a little bright spot.

Don't fret the mess. Do something with the space you cleared. :)



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  2. This may be my favorite post by you ever! Just what I needed to read right now. How did you know? Heeheee! Thank you. And the part about Splotchy just makes me smile anyway. I love that kitteh! :)

    PS - Your card is amazing. Absolutely stunning! ♥

  3. Great advice! I love the card-it's very pretty!

  4. LOVE this post. And your card is GORGEOUS! Have to try that BW + color thing you do ever so well!

  5. I could not create without the clutter - it is my inspiration! And yes, I'll shove things aside until I can't work any more, then I'll put away juuuust enough to give me some elbow room. I <3 my mess.

    I. too, love your color + B&W. I must use my new flutterby stamp and try it!

    PS: Remember that episode of Archie Bunker where he was talking with Lionel Jefferson from next door and discussing how, with a large family, they deal with the bathroom clutter? Lionel said they just shove everything over to make room, and he said something along the lines of, "Archie, I think you should shove yours." BWAHAHAHA. Oh, sorry, I've hijacked your post again. ;/

  6. Gorgeous card, Lydia! Broke out a bit in hives when you talked about just pushing the mess away so you could stamp....but love the card. LOL
    Hugs and smiles

  7. Been there done that....wish I could live clutter free all the time...however, at present it's not my reality!

  8. Very deep - you made me think - and it hurt!

  9. Just Simply Fabulous! 8-) Loved your post, I can so relate and your Card is definitely a Beautiful bright spot in my day! Thanks for the inspiration! 8-)


  10. Awesome....I so relate!!! Love your card how the beautiful butterfly stands out! Wonderful Lydia!!!

  11. Some of my best creations have come out a huge mountain of messiness...your card illustrates a life lesson for sure! And it's really this image and the text bg!


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