Friday, April 20, 2012

New Olympic Sports Added!

While you all were doing your taxes, I invented some new events I think we should add to the upcoming Olympics.

These are all events I know I could take the gold in, so I'm not sure if anyone would want to compete against me, but it would make for great television. Here's what I have in mind.

  • Applying black liquid eyeliner with a cat on your back. I do this daily, so no one has a prayer unless the Russian judges sabotage me. 
  • Playing Scramble With Friends while walking nine miles. Again, daily. Be afraid.
  • Carrying 100 full plastic grocery bags so that you only have to make one trip into the house. I cannot be beaten - I'm like a Grand Canyon burro. 
  • Competitive giggling.
  • Complete disorganization of a perfectly clean art studio in under ten minutes.
  • Number of days you can survive on cheese and club soda.
  • Quickest time to fall asleep after opening a book. 
  • Fastest milkshake drinking contests.
Doesn't that sound fun? That beats the tar out of ice writhing/falling/dancing, IMHO. 

Until I bring home 8 gold medals, I'll have to settle for gold ribbon. Daffodil Delight, to be precise. 

Oh, and speaking of Daffodil Delight - I now sing "ohhh ohhhhh Daaaafodil Delight" to the tune of "Afternoon Delight" thanks to Leslie - every time I see that color! *shakes fist*

Anyway, here's what I did with it for my class this month. I love these two colors together! 

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Stamps: Hello Doily, Hand Penned Holidays
Ink: Blushing Bride, Basic Black
Paper: Whisper White
Accessories: Daffodil Delight Seam Binding, Pink Rhinestone from Blossom Builders Kit

To make the bottom section, I used the diagonal score plate for my Simply Scored to score a diagonal grid - with the lines spaced one inch apart - into a piece of Whisper White. Then I brayered Blushing Bride over it to show off the diamond pattern. We had fun making this one!

If any of you are interested in becoming my official sponsor for the Olympics, please let me know. Since it's my first Olympics, I'll really wear anybody's logo.



  1. Ha! Awesome!

    Love the pink medallion...gush!

  2. Pretty, pretty card! But, I have to say I think I can TOTALLY take you on Competitive Giggling, which is still ok as long as one of us brings it home for the USA.

  3. Love the pretty card! I have to say, I think I can totally take you in the category "Competitive Giggling". You should feel proud though, since you are the cause of much of my giggling, and as long as one of us brings it home for the USA, it is all good.

    I think we should also add a "Deep Fried Food" category where we receive a mystery basket and have to make the best deep fried version of whatever is in it. We are from Texas, after all!

  4. pretty pretty cards! and i love your olympic events! bring home the gold girl!

  5. I can totally take you down in Quickest Time to Fall Asleep After Opening a Book.
    Competitive Giggling -- bring it, sister. You don't scare me!

    Love your card.

  6. Oh Lydia -

    Sitting here in a fit of giggles over your new Olympic competitions. Thanks for starting off my day with a smile - actually, a BUNCH of them! 'I can see slearly now' you are making it a BRI-IGHT, sunshine-y day with your Daffodil delight ribboned card over the Doily -Love that quilted and brayerd bottom too!

    Thanks for the chuckles!! You do it every time!!

  7. I just may have a chance of placing in the "Quickest time to fall asleep after opening a book" catagory! LOL!

    LOVE that doily stamp! Gorgeous!

  8. Where DOES your brain come up with these things? You are a never-ending source of hilarity!

    And by the way, thanks a lot - for nothing! Now I'M going to have the "Afternoon Delight" song stuck in MY head when I use that ribbon. That's as contagious as someone yawning, you know!

  9. BWAHAHAHAHA! My work here is done! :D Oh, and I'm totally stealing that scored-and-brayered card thing. Just thought I'd let you know.

    A-a-a-a-, a-a-a-a-a-a-aaaaaaaaaaaa, afternoon delight!

  10. Pretty card Lydia but I really enjoyed the post. It gave me a good laugh while I'm sitting here recovering from foot surgery. Thanks!

    Hugs…Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute

  11. I think several of us can give you a run for the gold in the "Complete disorganization of a perfectly clean art studio in under ten minutes category" LOL!
    Thanks for the smile!

  12. I could totally take on the "Competitive disorganization" catagory! It always take forever to clean up my scrappin' space, but no time at all to mess it up again!!!

  13. I challenge you on the craft room disaster, and my husband will give you a run for your money on the milk shake thing, or anything ice cream you can put in front of him. He never gets frozen brain, either!


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