Sunday, April 15, 2012

Beware of F.A.D.S.

Lately, I've been reading a lot about some supposedly Facebook-induced psychosis.

What people have been rumbling about is that Facebook is depressing people. For example, here's a story about how Facebook will make you a mummified corpse that no one will find for months.

I know - dramatic, right?

Most of the stories are about how people get depressed about their own lives because they look at other people's lives on Facebook and think theirs are dreary by comparison. Then I guess they lie around until they turn into a mummy.

This makes no sense to me personally. Well except the mummy part - mummies are almost as cool as zombies. I also could use a few days of laying around, but I digress.

Facebook is a highlight reel - a great description I saw recently. People should keep their Charlie Brown feelings, medical conditions and bad hair days out of their highlight reels, because they don't belong there. They don't show a montage of drunk and belligerent celebrities at the Academy Awards - they show their finer moments. But that shouldn't make anyone think that there's a human on earth whose entire life is a highlight reel. That's complete crazy talk. I think if someone really believes that, their mummyhood might have been their destiny to begin with and not caused by Facebook.

Personally, I love the highlight reels. It gives me joy to see other people experiencing joy. I'm just glad they share it with me.

And I have no fear of becoming a mummified corpse, and I don't think we're more isolated than ever before. I actually think quite the opposite. I know, meet, and interact with more people because of social media than I ever have prior to it. Just yesterday, I met a new Twitter friend at Art City Austin, and a few weeks ago had a crafty meetup at Stamp Salado with another Twitter buddy. None of us turned into mummies. (Yet.)

My conclusion is that the media is making up F.A.D.S. - Facebook Anxiety/Depression Syndrome. And they should probably quit it. It's scaring the mummies.

So today, I bring you the complete opposite of a mummy - sunshine!

This month's Fan Club gallery theme is "Let the Sun Shine In". I haven't played along with these challenges in so long I had to rescue my mummified stamps and get crafty.

I used the new, sassy, limited edition Summer Smooches Stencil (only available till April 30th) and Pool Party ink to create my floral image. I sponged the ink on with a sponge dauber. With the stencil still in place (I just used low tack tape) I stamped the background image from Clearly For You in Poppy Parade onto the design.

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Then I just pulled off the stencil and added the greeting from Pursuit of Happiness in Basic Black. I will NOT show you the lowlight reel version I threw in the trash. :)

Now, if there's anything that will make you sad enough to turn into a mummy, it might be the fact that some of the stamps you haven't bought yet are retiring - EEK!

Here is the full retiring list, released today, and sadly, Clearly For You is on it.

So if you want this beautiful stamp set, or any of the others, click here to shop before they are all turned to mummies for good! I have little surprises in store for anyone who places online orders for retired merchandise! Email me for details.


  1. I know! Several of my faves are retiring, but since they're my faves, they get to stay. Did you notice Lovely As A Tree made the cut AGAIN?! It's the Susan Lucci of stamps, I'm telling you!

    Oh, this is YOUR post. Sorry. I suk at using stencils (ALL of mine would be in the trash), but yours is fabby. I love the blue & red together.

    And pffth to the F.A.D.S. I agree, those peeps were destined to be mummified even before FB. They need a clue.

  2. I had to come here and get the scoop on both mummies and how you did this fabulous card!

    I love the way you did this, you are so creative!! (But I already knew this...)

    As to the mummies, you are right on target. If you want to be a muumy, you can find plenty of motivation to lie on the couch without FB. I have had some mummy days but they were absolutely not social media induced! ;)

  3. LOVE this color combo..I need to try totally rock this..

  4. your stencil technique. It's sad they have to discontinue awesome stamp sets. They should just let them go to a retirement home and bring them out for holidays and specal occasions like you do the old folks.

    Now I think I will go see if I can become mummified while I see what my FB buddies are up to! (ROTFLMAO) Really? Who has enough time to sit for that long on FB? Unless they are on dialup...

  5. Hi! I always follow your blog at convention time as I've not been to a convention for about 9 years...I've either been pregnant or nursing...but I digress...anyway,I GET TO GO THIS YEAR!!! WOO HOO!!! Hubby is going to brave it for 6 days and 5 nights with 4 little ones 8 and under! So...I was wondering if you could share with me your favorite restaurants that are within walking distance of the convention center...or worth a cab drive. I'm always drooling over the sushi you have shown in years past! If you have time and you could email me a list, that would be super! Thanks so much! stampgirljn at prodigy dot net


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