Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I'll Take Things That Can Kill You for $1000, Alex

I heard a story today on the radio about how people are more thin-skinned and fearful than they used to be. They didn't offer a reason why, so I'm going to go ahead and guess a combination of 24 hour news cycles and WebMD. I mean - how many of us haven't caught Ebola or the like from WebMD?

Believe me, our parents generation wasn't worried about Ebola or any of the following things, all of which can supposedly kill you:
I mean really? We didn't even have seatbelts and our parents told us to drink out of the hose in the summer. God knows what garden hoses were made of in the 70s or how "food grade" they were out in the hot Texas sun. I know that the boiling hot water tasted funny. But no one was researching the chemical composition of hoses after work or worrying about death if they sat too long in front of their TPS reports. While smoking at their desks, I might add.

Time sort of stretched out in front of us in a different, simpler way without constant news and the internet. I think we were scared of the Russians and that was pretty much it. Oh and sharks. Thanks a lot, Roy Scheider. Thanks a lot.

All that to say you probably should do things on the internet that are fun, because there are SO many fun things. Lots of things that won't kill you or make you worry about dying.

LOLcats for starters. And of course, art, arty people, Pinterest.

I should caution you though, having artistic friends all over the world can really be hard on a person's finances.

In my social media world, we have a lot of enabler alerts for each other, where, in the most loving way possible, we cost each other hundreds of dollars on fun arty, crafty things. I wonder sometimes if companies that get these little micro flurries of orders from our little group have picked up on our enabler alerts.

If not, they should. They should also give us our own coupon code.

I had not only a coupon code but a gift card that I spent on some fun art supplies in a complete splurge as a result of one of these micro flurries. I bought these Caran D'Ache Pablo pencils that I played with this weekend. They are oil based, so they are very different from watercolor pencils, pastel pencils, or wax-based pencils and I love how saturated and smooth they are.
stamps: Lean on Me ink: Basic Black Paper: Whisper White 3x3 Notes Accessories: Caran D'Ache Pablo Pencils

I know some people don't like to color, but I find it very soothing. 

More soothing than a hot drink of water out of a plastic hose on a boiling hot east Texas day :).



  1. I was just telling the DH the other day that we never thought twice about drinking out of the hose. Now it is a wonder that some government agency doesn't come to take your kid when you let them do that. (You have to remember to run it a little first, to not drink the boiling water, girl!)

    Love the card. Thanks for enabling me to go spend money on yet another set of colored pencils. I think we need to figure out who our biggest enablers are and recommend that said companies give them a commission check. Seems fair.

  2. hey, I remember when I worked at a lumber yard in Watertown, and I used to cut asbestos board with a hand saw because those old farts were too cheap to buy the whole sheet... and i'm still here

  3. I wonder if drinking out of a garden hose could be the reason I can never seem to remember anything....well anyway - I really love the coloring you got from those pencils, so I'll have to look for them - and there really are some big sharks around Chatham!

  4. Hose water - ack, I can taste it now!! Nutmeg I did know about :D. Sitting - why sit all day when there are too many other things to be doing.
    Fabulous colouring - must see what those pencils are about.
    Happy Easter1

  5. This card is "sigh" worthy. Just so adorably colored. Those pencils look tempting from a micro flurry perspective. Hot Texas water hose water.... Ah yes, fond memories of that. That must be why I still require more ice than drink in my glass. Lol.


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