Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Hunger Games, Home Edition

I saw The Hunger Games this week.

It was surprisingly good. Surprising in a few ways - first, because the narrator of the audio version of the book I listened to was so maddeningly annoying that it made me like the book less than I would have had I just read it. Secondly because the parts of the story they covered (they left a lot out, despite it being a very lengthy flick) were done very, very well. So well I don't think you'd have to have read the book to really enjoy the movie. Thirdly, I did not know that Donald Sutherland and Woody Harrelson were going to be in it, so that was a very pleasant surprise. Finally, I saw it at Alamo Drafthouse, which is always a fabulous experience. Nothing like having a gourmet mushroom pizza while you watch people fighting to the death for food, after all.

Speaking of food, I must add the new petite cherry pies at Starbucks to the blue list today - they are so yummy. Much better than the other petites in my opinion, because the others are all overly sweet. This is just like a yummy, small, tart cherry pie. And 170 calories.

Anyway, I have my own version of the Hunger Games right here at about 5 AM every day. It starts with a tiny little squeak. Just enough to wake me up. Then, it gets louder, and is accented with blinds batting and furniture scratching. Then, for the finale - a full on howl with accompanying crazy brain. Hunger makes one do crazy, desperate things, you know. Or at least it makes Splotchy do crazy, desperate things. It just makes me tired and mad. 

In the extra waking hours gained by the Hunger Games Home Edition, I had a little fun with the Bright Blossoms set this week. I was making a sample for our Splitcoast review of the Perfect Layers tool - I still have mine from when Stampin' Up! sold this tool. Until our review, I hadn't taken it out of the package, but I watched the video and finally understood how easy it is to use so I experimented a bit. On this card, I used a little waterfall of blue cardstocks, with the 1/16", 1/8" and 1/4" measurements on the tool.

I used Soft Sky, Pool Party, Tempting Turquoise and Island Indigo cardstock for my layers, and punched matching circles for the top of the card to pop up off the Bright Blossoms stems.
I thought it would make a fun, non-traditional blue Easter card, so I stamped the greeting from Delightful Dozen and resisted the urge to bunny it up. :)

Now - do you want to see something that will just warm your heart on this Wednesday? Then you probably should click here. Prepare for chills.



  1. Thanks for the reminder on these great little rulers. I purchased them a while back from qvc/hsn and used them a lot when I first received them, they are very precise. Need to get them back out.
    The video brought tears to my eye - Jonathan is terrific!
    p.s. - love your blog!

  2. Wow, Perfect Layers. I gotta dust that baby off. It was a fun tool, I remember. Love the card. It's so crisp! And thanks for the video clip link. I still have goose bumps. There is justice in this world.
    P.S. You were my inspiration in my latest blog post. I'm just sayin'. *smile*

  3. Perfect Layers sits in my wishlist against that hoped-for day when I have more money. Nice to see how well they work!! Your little blue blossoms are too cute. But now I want blueberry muffins.

    OK I don't know if I already posted this - if it's a duplicate you don't need to approve the second one. All this unaccustomed heat is frying my brain.

  4. Phew, I recovered form the Sweet Tea debate from yesterday! Thanks Heavens!!! Love the card for today, I love the monochromatic blues, the layout, the simplicity, heck, I love every inch of that card! Hey, sorry I have been amiss from your comments lately, so busy. Come visit me sometime via blog or email. lol.

    Hugs, Lisa

  5. I was prepared for chills, dang, not prepared for my tears. That was incredible!
    Cute blue too :-)

  6. LOVE the card. And yeah, I have the Perfect Layers tool. It's currently being stored at my friend's house.

    And I'm sooooo glad my kitteh was a free feeder. It was tough waking her up in the morning.

  7. great card! like the non tradional colors.


  8. Groovy card! Really like the idea of those Perfect Layer tools. I didn't realise that SU sold them once upon a time.


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