Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Houston, We Have Radishes!!

So we've been having an adventure here at Casa Blue. We cleared out all our back flowerbeds and built ourselves some square foot gardening boxes and have planted two of them.

I'm probably on some sort of watch list now though, because the only place you can buy really high quality organic veggie seeds is from these survivalist type sellers on Amazon. I'm surprised some twitchy guy hasn't shown up at my house to offer me a bonus tinfoil hat or bunker building services.

But, those survivalists know what the heck they are doing because our little seedlings are coming up exactly according to plan!

The radishes came up first - 16 per square foot, just like we planned. You plant two seeds in each hole in case one doesn't make it, so we have to remove some of these. But it's so exciting!! (Sorry about the stupid oak leaves.)

We got this great book that we used to make our boxes, and it really is amazing. The guy who wrote it is an engineer, and he cuts all the wasted motion out of the process and makes it incredibly efficient. It's really, really fun.

Here's the book if you feel like getting your garden on.

The way he has you do it you have absolutely perfect soil, so you don't have to worry about the dirt in your yard - all the boxes will have exactly the same magic soil mix.

It's hard not to run outside every five minutes and check the seedlings. I would like to right now, but here I sit.

But today is good for more than just radishes! I have a tutorial in the Weekly Inkling today on Splitcoast! It's one of my fave techniques for marbling paper with Smooch. It's very fun, easy, and a lot less messy than shaving cream, so give it a try after you watch the video! Here's the step by step tutorial also.

And here's Marbled Smooch video.

You can really get super glamorous backgrounds with this easy technique. The hardest part is keeping your kitties from trying to drink your Smooch water! :)



  1. Really neat technique, shall have to try it, thanks alway looking for new ideas. Glad your seeds are growing enjoy your radishes. Square foot gardening is a lot of fun and very productful!!!!

  2. Hi Lydia, It's been awhile since I last commented. Loved your picture of the cat trying to change the time! CUTE CUTE. Also love this marbling video. Totally new idea for me and YES so much neater than shaving cream. Can't wait to try it. I only have one color of Smooch right now so will have to wait a bit. I see you're wearing your bear ring. I think your post about that was the first time I ever left a comment. It is very nice. Wider than I expected. Enjoy your radishes! tonilea

  3. There just are not enough sassy words for how amazing you are. Seriously. WOW! Love your stunning card, your ingenious technique & your perfect video tut. (And now perfect baby radishes too?!) Did you know you can eat the shoots that you thin out? They are my fave. I grow radish shoots en masse just to eat the little guys. Wait that sounds bad! Poor radishes! :-D Thanks for all the inspiration.

  4. Really enjoyed the video. You made "gorgeous" look soo easy! *smile*


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