Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cursing Bill Gates at 1 AM

That's what I was doing last night.

I took his name in vain nine ways to Sunday, believe me.

Here's what happened.

1 AM - the full force of a major tornado producing storm cell begins blasting Casa Blue, complete with extreme thunder and close lightning.

After removing my furry leg weights - Maddie & Splotchy - I bolt out to start unplugging electronics all over the house so they don't get fried. Down the street last year a lightning bolt blew a Bill Gates sized hole in a neighbors roof, so we can't really mess around when it comes to storms.

The problem with my big computer is that I constantly have about 80 tabs open in two browsers, Photoshop and Illustrator running and a gazillion other programs. It was a race against time just to close and save everything so I could power down and unplug.

I get to the point where I can hit the blessed "Shut Down" button, and what do I see?

Seriously??? At this point, it became as tense as that scene in War Games where Matthew Broderick is trying to delete all those files so we don't nuke Russia. I wouldn't have minded if my computer nuked the Windows mothership though, I'm not gonna lie.

I said some very unladylike things about Mr. Gates during the HALF hour of updates with lightning crackling all around me. I also played several games on my phone. I'm distractable like that.

I vowed to present the bespectacled he-devil with an obscenity laden bill should I have gotten zapped during this idiotic process.

Did I mention this started at 1 AM?

Hmph. Stupid Windows. It takes 1 second to shut down and power up a Mac. Have we learned nothing #$@(* Bill?

Guess not.

Well there's one person who will never get a birthday card from me!

Birthday cards are definitely reserved for people who don't keep me awake while they update my config.bat file in a storm.

I made this card for a VSN challenge on Splitcoast. I found a Crumb Cake card base with that swirly paper already stuck on it from some long abandoned project and though it would look nice with a little splash of blue. So I added some Everyday Enchantment DSP (Free w/a Sale-a-Bration order through the end of March) and stamped the birdies from the Up in the Air Hostess set in black. Ba-da-bing! The greeting is from Apothecary Art and the ribbon is Pool Party seam binding.

Perfect for a quick challenge card!

After all, spring has sprung. Officially. Today.

My newest book obsession is courtesy of Lori Craig, who got me hooked on this book about the crazy rich and just plain crazy Astor family in New York - it's called Mrs. Astor Regrets.
It's completely fascinating and very hard to put down. Seriously - rich people are crazy. Also, New York is like a little kingdom run by crazy rich people. Did I mention they were crazy? Bill Gates is probably a secret Astor.

I got the Kindle version for $8.99 here, but it's less than $6 on Amazon here.

I guess I'll yawn some more and poke pins in my Bill Gates voodoo doll.



  1. Tornadoes scare the crap out of me. I live in the suburbs of NY so we don't get them but have had warnings. Just the warnings alone are enough to send me into a tailspin. That was not a good time for updates-to say the least. I would have been freaking out too. I'm going to get the Kindle of the book. It sounds interesting.

  2. Oh - I love your birds on the patterned paper, just gorgeous.
    We don't have tornadoes but if there's a thunderstorm near I definitely power down and unplug the computers and the digital piano. But I update manually not automatically ;-). We had a colossal thunderstorm and hail on St. Patrick's Day - luckily quite local so it didn't affect all the events in town, but the ground here stayed white for a couple of hours.
    Sounds like a fascinating book - must check the library!
    Did gmail spamify the e-card I sent your for St. Patrick's ?

  3. I can't comment on your Bill Gates situation as we are Macs all the way and have been since God was a boy... but can we please talk about how you can get a paperback book for less $$$ than the kindle edition. That drives me NUTS. I know, I know ... the publisher sets the price, DRM, blah blah blah...
    But I don't care the reason, it still makes me nuts.
    And may I just say, we rarely get tornadoes here. Snow yes, but that is rarely life-threatening.

  4. Still snorting here over your furry leg weights. The poor dears! And yeah, that update thing totally sucketh.

    Did I mention that today I made Outlook crash a minimum of 4 times in 3 hours? I need me a Bill Gates voo-doo doll. Oh, I HAVE ONE! heh heh heh Film at 11.

  5. And that, my dear, is one of the reasons we don't have auto updates enabled. We can choose when we get 'em. But you wouldn't have fodder for such funny blog posts then, would you? :D

  6. Glad you made through the storm un-singed. Did ya feel a little like Indiana Jones? Did ya hear his soundtrack as you raced through the updates? Well, you came out the other side with a beautiful card to NOT send Mr. Bill. *smile* and with that, I'm caught up with your post, yay! Now to get caught up with Smash the TV musical.....


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