Sunday, March 4, 2012

What I've Learned From Downton Abbey

Since I may or may not be the last human on earth to become addicted to the show Downton Abbey, if you are actually the last, please come on in, lock the door behind you and start watching it immediately!!

Luckily since I've started late I get to watch the whole thing on Amazon Instant Video, which you can do here. It's free for Season 1 if you're a member of Amazon Prime. Season 2 I had to pay for.

Anyhoo, here are some of the very important things I've learned from watching this show.

  • I love John Bates. I need to get Anna out of the picture. 
  • It DOES take a team of about 50 trained professionals to clean and cook for a house. So the rest of us can stop worrying about our dust and our laundry and meals and stuff because we just aren't properly staffed for that job. Until we are, we should brook no backtalk about what needs to be done. 
  • English ladies really should have been introduced to stamping far earlier than they were, because these broads in the show needed hobbies in the worst way. Seriously - they could have avoided a lot of calamity if they had just been embossing and glittering things. Perhaps all of WWI could have been avoided - just sayin'. 
  • I'm glad I don't have to wear a corset.
  • Carson and the telephone reminds me of me and Microsoft Windows. Some things never change. 
Please spend some time communicating point #2 to your families. 

Despite not having a trained team of servants, I did clean my office today and realized I'd forgotten to show you this card. It's perfect for the Downton Abbey theme because it features a set that is currently only in the UK Stampin' Up! catalog.

I made it for Beate's fabby tutorial on the Faux Letterpress technique. For the card base, I used Whisper White. I rubbed Sahara Sand ink all over the Finial Press embossing folder before running it through the Big Shot.

For the second layer, to coordinate it, I rubbed Early Espresso ink on the same folder and ran it through with Sahara Sand cardstock.

The main panel features my BELOVED Everything Eleanor set we got at Leadership - it's a sneak peek set from the upcoming catalog. I really like that distressed label shape. I added a few pearls and Pool Party seam binding. Don't you want to squeeeee at that bird? He's as cute as John Bates. Really.



  1. ME! I'm the last one in on the Downton Abbey thing (which is honestly surprising because it seems like my kind of show - love those British period pieces)....anyway, looks like those of you in the US can watch season 2 on PBS (for the next few days at least til they expire!) - however those of us outside the US are banned from doing so :( So I will join the huge queue to borrow the DVDs from the library...or perhaps I will splurge and get them for myself for my bday!!!

  2. I havent started watching it either, but since hubby will be gone again this week--thurs and fri in your fair city--I may take up watching it as my new hobby.

    Love this label shape! Beautiful work, very British. Does the bird come with the set?

  3. Love your classy and very pretty card, Lydia!
    I'm in the midst of watching season 1 now, can't wait to see what happens next at Downton Abbey!

  4. Have you seen the Christmas episode yet???? I finished season 2 before Christmas and have been missing it ever since :( Why is that season so short? Why? Why? Why? (yes, I was stomping my foot)

  5. I love Downton Abbey and can't wait for the 3rd. season.
    Your explanation regarding the housecleaning works for me - LOL...glad not to have to worry about the dust anymore - LOL.
    Nice card too btw....

  6. Your card is lovely! I am gaga over pretty much anything that has a bird on it and this little guy is adorable! Looks perfect perched on the label.
    I just started watching DA myself. You are right, those old gals really do need some hobbies. But then have you ever walked through a museum and looked at some of the crafts they created. Some very repressed energy in those stitches and handicrafts. In Canada they have been showing it on VisionTV so I have been able to see what the fuss is all about. I have to say though, what a bunch of snobs!

  7. How stylish and elegant your card is, Lydia.
    No TV here, so I'll be very late on the bandwagon.
    On point 3, they may not have stamped but they did have some remarkably ornate and time-consuming craft hobbies. I used to (sadly it disappeared in one move) have a Victorian book of crafts for ladies.
    On point 2 - LOL. True, but also true that they were BIG houses. Even twenty something years ago, the bigger houses I worked in still had at least a couple of daily cleaning ladies. One house I worked in, when she had got married first they had over 80 indoor staff - by the time I was on the scene I was the only one who lived in, with the whole servants' wing to myself :D.

  8. I sadly have not started watching this show. But it is on my list of things to do. Maybe for my birthday I will ask for that and then take it with me to PC for vacation and sequester myself with it and some pop corn.

    If you saw my house you would agree that I need at least 50 but probably many more than that to get it back to running condition. Just way too much going on to clean.

    Love the card. I have not even broken that set out yet. I love it so much too!!!! YOur card is awesome. I need some of that cas style so It doesn't take me so long to create a masterpiece like you.



  9. Clearly you are not the last to watch DA -- nor am I, it appears LOL!
    I am currently watching Friday Night Lights when I'm on the elliptical. Given how often I use the elliptical, I won't be done with that series any time soon. But DA is on deck ...
    Love your card.

  10. Because of YOU and your stoopid "you can watch it on Amazon" alert, I've now wasted two perfectly good evenings watching several episodes of Season 1. I will undoubtedly pay to watch season 2. Then I will pay again to watch season 3 when IT becomes available. I, too, love Bates. I, too, am glad I never had to wear a corset. *ahem*

    Oh, wait, this is YOUR blog - pffth. Er, lovely card. I like the two layers of embossing. And the blut. And the label. And the bird. Yep. All good here.

  11. First..LOVE the card, it is very classy indeed! 2nd..DA is the bestest show EVER..and I too LOVE Bates..LOVE him! Oh and that whole thing iwth Carson and the phone cracked me up..but Mrs Padmore..(SP?) the cook...I adore her blind soul! Such a fantastic show!

  12. Hubba Hubba Hubba! This is so stunning. Love the curves, the layers, the colours. Pretty to the extreme. P.S. I'm clueless about TV & love your suggestions too. And YES! I knew it took more than just little old me to try and clean a house! ;-)

  13. Okay, I'll close the door behind me cuz I have yet to enjoy this series. Not for very much longer though. This card is "sigh worthy." Love the texture and the Victorian feel and the bird. Everything really is better with a bird on it. *smile*


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