Monday, March 12, 2012

But What About The Morning People?


I know all of you night crawlers are super stoked that you STOLE my hour of light I walk in early in the morning and tacked it on to your prime awake time, but what about ME? Walking in the DARK? Sleeping while it's LIGHT.

It's so not fair.

Plus it gives people heart attacks, stupid time change. No really - it does - look!

It's giving me a brain attack, I'll tell you that.

You can read about it in this book, and why it's so important and not just something we're all being dramatic about.


Well since they STOLE an hour from me, I didn't get as much stamping done as I wanted for VSN, but I did have time to do a few challenges. One challenge was to make a girly spring card. Now I really don't do girly cards very well - I'm more bold than foofy - but I did have fun with this one. I figured cupcakes and a chick flick counted as girly, right?
Stamps: Happiest Birthday Wishes Paper: Whisper White, Sweet Shop DSP, Attic Boutique Side Notes Ink: Basic Black

So if we all had our hour back, what would we have done with it?

I think I would have played Angry Birds. ;)



  1. Yeah, I woke up and it was DARK! Stoopid DST. We need a petition to make it stop. Seriously.

    In other news, I really should open my pack of Sweet Shop DSP. ;/

  2. DST.....oh how I despise thee.....let me count the ways! Sheesh! Not only did they steal an hour from us....they endanger our health? I think I need to go lay down....I feel a heart attack coming on. In other news....your girlie card is cute!!! Yes, I can officially say that cupcakes are girlie! LOL

  3. Ah, but you are unjustly blaming those you call "night-crawlers" - the politically correct term would be night owls, please - for stealing your hour.

    Believe-you-me - I loathe this as much as or perhaps even more than you do! What night owl wants to get up at the crack of dawn in the dark to dress for and drive to work? Not I! I need to arise in the daylight - whether I got 8 hours of sleep or only 4!

    Why do they make us do this idiotic time change again? Our great state needs to take a page from Arizona (and Hawaii, Puerto and Guam...)on this one and abolish it :) Like Arizona, Texas doesn't need an extra hour of dangerously hot temps in the summer, either! After all, we are a whole other country!

  4. Don't like the immediate time change now, but I do like the extra time in the pool during the summer. :) Great card! cupcakes can go either way, fluffy or not.


  5. I think catching up on your posts is depleting my stash of ooohs and aaahs. My goal is collage cards and you've got it down, girlfriend. Is that prize ribbon embellie a die? So cute! *smile*


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