Saturday, December 3, 2011


I remember SO vividly the first time I saw the Sound of Music, (which is great, and I could go on yada yada) that what I loved the MOST was Edelweiss. I don't know why I loved that song more than all the other fantastic music in that movie, but I did, and still do. (Click the link above if you don't see a video player.)

Doesn't that song just make you feel peaceful and happy?

I might have to put the 45th Anniversary edition of the movie on my Christmas list. I don't have a Blu-Ray but the boxed set is a combo Blu Ray/DVD so maybe I could give the Blu-Ray to Kim! :) If that's even what combo means. Honestly, I don't even know. Audio/video/stereo/movie stuff is the one tech area where I'm not a geek and could completely care less. If I can see it and hear it before I fall asleep - I'm fine. I don't need it to come with 3D and aromatherapy and 30 gigahertz of decibels or whatever. But here's what I'm adding to the Blue List.

Every time I make a white flower on a card, I think of that song, even though I've never seen one of those flowers in real life.

Here's a beautiful illustration of one from Wikipedia, in case you haven't either.

I was humming that pretty little tune late on Friday night when I made one of my class projects for yesterday's class. I kept the two cards pretty CAS since we had a more complicated (and adorable) 3D project to make. I will show it to you when the Sizzix blog hop gets rolling because I made the project for that hop - SQUEE!

But speaking of Sizzix, my sweet white flower is just two of the flowers from the Fun Flowers die, curled up with the fat end of my bone folder.
The center of the flower was punched from red glimmer paper with my Itty Bitty Shapes Punch Pack. 

In the background, trying HARRRRRDDDDDD to steal the show, is the stunning Holly Berry Bouquet designer paper. I wish I had oodles of this paper - I love these roses.

This would make a super Christmas card and it would easily mail flat.

Speaking of those - I haven't designed mine yet. I better get cracking.

Oh - before you go - head over to my Project Reanimate Blog and see what I was up to on TV last week with some fun recycled Christmas ornaments!




  1. OMG! That was my favorite song from that movie also. I used to sing my daughter to sleep with that one when she was a baby. Too funny!!! Love the card, gorgeous, the glitter center on the flower is awesome! Off to see your other blog!

    Hugs, Lisa

  2. I love that song also -- and it was my kids' favorite lullaby. Love your card!! Your design eye is spot-on!

  3. I *have* seen Edelweiss flowers in person, and what is surprising is how tiny and fuzzy they are, sort of like an albino baby tarantula.

  4. BEST. MOVIE. EVER. SECONDONLYTOWIZARDOFOZ. Christopher Plummer (hubba hubba)

    In 7th grade we had too many girls in the girls-to-boys ratio, so instead of a more-awkward-than-it-already-would-be school dance, we went to the theater to see Sound of Music. Yes, we were very lucky.

    That said, L O V E this card. Bet it was a hit at class, too!

  5. That movie is one of my all time favorites also. Christopher Plummer was at his handsomest then. Edelweiss still makes me smile and I'm also fond of the Goodnight song that the kids sang..... Just good ol' fashioned movie making at its best.
    Gorgeous card.... the flower is as striking as it is simple. Brava.


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