Friday, December 9, 2011

A No Horse Open Sleigh

I hate to quibble with a Christmas song and all, but come ON - you know that horses don't pull sleighs - reindeer do.

And we all know reindeer aren't horses. And horses aren't reindeer. I'm also fairly certain that horses can't fly. Or sing. And also, I don't think their noses light up.

So now that we've settled that, let's talk about open sleighs!

I saw this adorable paper sleigh on someone's blog that the random epic battles between Photoshop and Firefox that always end in a reboot erased, so if you saw it, please post a link so I can give credit.

Anyway, I just reverse engineered it - she didn't say what the sleigh body was made of, but I discovered that it works with pretty much all of my box dies - Box #2, favor boxes, you name it.

I started with Crumb Cake, for my monthly class, and used the Pines and Poinsettias set for the little accent. The white gel pen does wonders for that pinecone, don't you think? It looks so real!

All you have to do to make this is trim off the top flaps of your box - in this case, the Box #2. Then put a large super sticky Post-It Note™ (put the sticky part at the bottom of the box) on one side of the box and draw a curve that you want for your sleigh and cut it. Then use that as a template to cut the other side of the sleigh. Stamp whatever you want on the sleigh before assembling the box and then put it together. I hand cut 1/4" sleigh runner and curved them like you do with ribbon with my bone folder.

So easy and fun!

Using another shape, I made a white one fit for a snow queen - remember her?? *shudder*

This project was featured on the Sizzix blog hop, thanks to sweet Stephanie!

To embellish this sleigh, I added "fur" with a silver pipe cleaner, I embossed the outside with our fun snowflake folder, and added pearls along the bottom. The tag uses the Tim Holtz die and The Stamps of Life Joy2Christmas set.

I love, love love putting these peppermint striped gorgeous Ghirardelli candies in all my holiday projects - I sort of hoard them because they look so pretty with blue cardstock!!! :D

I made the cutest treats for my Starbucks peeps with these candies and Tempting Turquoise.

Anyhow, the important thing is that you are NOT going to expect a sleigh next time you see a horse. Because there isn't going to be one.

If you see a REINDEER though - well, keep your eyes peeled...




  1. I'm sorry...were you talking about horses or bells or noses or lost me as soon as you posted the picture of the chocolates. Now, please excuse me since I have to go wipe off the marks where I licked the screen.
    Oh yes, now I see those cute little sleighs and tags! Adorable!!! :)

  2. Reindeer, not horses.... You sleigh me....
    (Cute ones, by the way!)

  3. Yours look WAAAAAY easier than the original. Is this what you're looking for (that for which you are looking) ?

    wv: snicast
    Snide people doing the news.


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