Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pardon Me, But You Look Like a Murderer in That Outfit

Male readers - this post is for you.

It doesn't get cold for too long down here in God's country, but each year, when it does, we Texans just try to survive it with whatever we have laying around.

There's no point in buying a lovely cashmere duster or a mink swing coat or anything because if we can just get through the next month, we'll be back in flip flops, sipping margaritas on the patio and cursing the stinging insects.

However, sadly, this means that our normally gloriously handsome and legendary Texas men look like murderers and rapists for a month.

I'm sorry - but it's the truth.

When the warmest thing you own is black hoodie or God forbid, a knit cap you've owned since your teens, the bare fact is, all women instinctively reach for their pepper spray when they see you lurching around dressed like this:

Take this guy I saw at the Starbucks drive through window this morning. He's actually gone beyond the rapist/murderer/burglar look and fast forwarded straight to the Grim Reaper.

See her reaching into her apron pocket? I'm certain that's where she keeps her taser.

I'm only telling you this as a public service. I don't want you to be surprised if you get pepper sprayed or tased during our little cold snap. You might want to look into a respectable coat.

Until then, try to stay indoors. It's for your own safety. I'll smile at you again in the spring.

Speaking of winter, I had my last stampy class of the year last weekend, and it was a BLAST!

I was inspired by this lady and her beautiful card to bust out a little Pennant Parade fun. Whaddaya think?
Fun eh? I love aqua winter cards, and those sparkly red dots just make me happy.

I'm going to start torturing you pretty soon with some Occasions Mini goodies - you can see some of them in my Virtual Stamp Night cards. Are you playing in our fun challenges? You have tons of time - come on over and play!

I'll sneak peek you one of my VSN cards if you follow me over to Project Reanimate for a surprising "can do" reanimation!



  1. I laughed so hard, I may have snorted! Thanks for starting my day with a belly laugh - and after all the baking I've been doing, my belly laugh is pretty impressive! Murderers...snort!

    Your card is darling -- now I've got to buy that darn pennant punch that, heretofore, I've been stalwartly resisting.

    wv - dingl -- I'm not even going there!

  2. And just think, if it were cold AND sunny, you'd see a lot of Unibomber look-a likes walking around! Lol. Love that card... Just more justification for having that punch! *smile*

  3. You have just the warped sense of humor that I look for in a friend! LOL 'Round here people try to look manly be NOT wearing winter weather. It was 19 degrees here this morning and my husband sports just shirt sleeves to church! (yes, he did have his pants on too, but they weren't insulated or anthyting ..giggle) His excuse is that he hates coats. LOL

  4. OMG SO funny, Lydia! Who IS that first guy picking the lock?? LOL!

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I just picture you ALWAYS with the camera ready on your phone.... do you get stares? Or just, oh it's just Lydia.... LMAO

    LOVE that card! I am SO STEALING THIS IDEA... (remind me of it in November/December ish when I'm freaking out about cards)

  6. Grim Reaper? BAHAHAHA!!!! <3 you girlie, you're spot on with this post. I have witnessed it myself! ;)


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