Friday, December 2, 2011

I WANT to Care About The Drought, But I Don't.

Yeah, so it's raining.

I hate rain.

Rain fills me with despair.

Actually, much to my father's horror, water in any significant quantity fills me with despair.

I feel like some crazed woman in a Bronte novel who will soon be driven out onto the moors and into the soggy heather to lose her mind.

I understand that there are people out their who CLAIM that rain fills them with joy. Or they CLAIM to care that we need rain.

Because I'm about to run into the soggy heather in my petticoat and gnash my teeth and rend my garments, I cannot CLAIM to believe any of these people.

Perhaps when the sun returns I will be more tolerant of the aquarian types, but not now. Do not talk to me about aquifers and your dead grass.

I cannot hear you above the English accents in my head telling me to flee and cast myself into a bog.

The only place where clouds and rain are beautiful are on paper.

Stamps: Pace of Nature Ink: Pool Party, Basic Black 
Paper: First Edition, Silver Glimmer Paper, Pool Party, Crumb Cake 
Accessories: Sweet 'n Sassy Cloud dies, 3/8" circle punch

I miss you, sun.


  1. Ah, believe what you stamp and adopt the pace of nature - including the rain.
    I feel for you, though - it started raining today just as I saw a bus pull away, and with a twenty minute wait till the next one I decided that I'd get home faster walking. Harder to factor wetness into the equation as I could have sheltered in a store and stayed dry, but walking won out.
    Don't ever move to Ireland!!

  2. I like your card with the clouds, is that a punch or free-hand cutouts??? Agree with you about the rain.....We had a leak in our roof for eight years, (no money to fix) the leak was in our kitchen cabinets and in the middle of the kitchen, hated the rain, cause that meant pulling out the buckets, bathroom towels for the floor, and pirex dishes catching the rain on the kitchen table and counters.....UGE!!! UGE!!! UGE!!! Well finally the roof has been fixed but the contractors had to come back 3 times, cause that roof would not give up it's HOLE!!! Finally found the leak coming from the valley, hopefully we got it. No I was not a fan of rain either!!! I like your cards.

  3. Love your card! And the verse. Great clouds.

    I wouldn't mind the rain so much if it wasn't so damp. do you feel about snow?

    Hope today weather is a little more cheerful but look at the awesome art work you created inspired by the gloomy day. Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Might be dependent on what you do for a living-we are farmers so always glad to see rain and in Missouri it can get really dry-not good for the cattle.

    Like your rainy day card.

  5. I <3 rain, just not driving in it. And not for days or weeks on end. But in GENERAL, I <3 rain. I could not live in Tejas.

    Love the blue clouds! A very nice CAS card. :)

  6. Don't hate me.... but I love rain. It makes me want to cozy up on the couch with a hot cup of tea and a roaring fire... but then that's the difference between the North and the South. Of course, I grumble like everyone else if I have to do anything of merit out in it. Lol.
    Love the card...


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