Wednesday, December 14, 2011

When You Care Enough To Send the Hairy Beast

I bought a stamp that says that - it has the little Hallmark crown over it and it just cracks me UP!

I thought about stamping it on the back of my Christmas cards, but then I decided I should be more serious so I used my normal one.

That's right - I said Christmas cards. Again.

I'm in full assembly mode at night. I have a mobile command center in the living room and am on phase 3 of assembly. Sadly, phase 3 is always where I discover the flaw in my design that grinds everything to a screeching near halt of slowness. Phases 1 & 2 had me feeling all smirky that I had designed a pretty smooth mass production piece of paper art, but 3 is always the DOH moment.

Oh well. I plod on, still determined to make my weekend mailing deadline! The hopelessness has left me!

Now to today's fun!

LOOK at this gorgeous Color Throwdown combo!!

I knew when I saw this I was going to get all Die-licious all over it,  and I was so tempted to use my butterfly embosslit, but I knew I couldn't resist my new toys.

I busted out my Fashionable Hearts Embosslit and my Labels Collection framelits from the upcoming Occasions mini, along with the Rue Des Fleurs stamp set for a quick & happy card.

Those Color Throwdown ladies are brilliant. This combo just makes my eyes happy. Especially in this drizzly nastiness that will not leave my state.

One of our local radio hosts even commented on how we're all going crazy from this Seattle-ness. We Texans are not built for this. I'll be thrilled to see the sun again. I may not come inside for a while when it comes back.

I'll just post a pic of the sun here and you'll know why I'm gone!



  1. Where was all that rain when you had the wild fires?! I'm sure you'll be humming the tune "Here Comes the Sun" before too long. Oh yes...your card...LOVE those sweet embossed hearts! So many fun possibilities!

  2. The color combo is truly a happy one! All those lovely embossed hearts look like they're in dress rehearsal for Valentines Day. You're always a step ahead, dear... *smile*

  3. L.O.V.E. that new embosslit. And your card.

    I personally loathe Stage 3 but I am relieved that others have a stage 3 also.

  4. Absolutely love your embossed hearts in those delicious colors - makes me think of a box of chocolates, for some reason!

    I know what you mean about discovering a design flaw in Stage 3 of assembly. This year's card evolved: 15 with glossy paper, switched to shimmery paper, stamped evergreen tree on the first 15, embossed it on the rest, 3 layers on the first 15 plus a few of the "newer" version, then 2 layers on the rest, bows on the first few, wrapped silver embroidery floss on the rest -- you get the picture! But I finished last night. YEA!

    I can't resist collecting funny stamps for card backs. My favorite has the "H" crown and says "When I care enough, I make it myself." But not on my Christmas cards!

  5. This is beautiful, all the sweet little embossed hearts and the sentiment is wonderful!!!!!

  6. Perfect, sweet design, Lydia! LOVE the texture on those hearts!


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