Friday, December 23, 2011

It's Just a Little Primitive

I've been having fun looking at some of the primitive Christmas decorations on Pinterest. Besides just being beautiful and simple, I have been surprised at how many of them can be made with things you already have.

Pinterest is definitely a DIY-ers dream.

Were I not a procrastinator, I would have been able to make many more of the beautiful, simple things I pinned this season.

But one of them really grabbed me and I had to try it since I had all the stuff.

The original pin is here, and this is my version.

You knew I had to make Mary blue, didn't you?

The circle behind them is shimmery white cardstock, and it's hanging with white twine. The star is cut with the Stars #2 die from Silver Glimmer paper. I painted them with Apple Barrel Paints. There are a bunch of different shapes of old fashioned clothespins you can find in bulk, like these.

I love the simplicity of the symbols. So sweet.

I hope you're in that phase of the holidays where you are enjoying some of your hard work and preparation!

This afternoon, we are kicking off a week of Christmas vacation with the second annual wrapping party at my sister's. We provide wrapping paper, tape, bows, ribbon, tables, music and food, a DIY tag craft table and assistance for the neighbors so that everyone can wrap presents in a relaxing setting where they don't have to hide gifts from the kids or do it after everyone is in bed. It's a really, fun, festive little thing we started last year and everyone loved it, so it's year two!
I guess I should go prep the tags, eh?

A gift without a tag is just downright primitive. :)

Oh  - speaking of primitive, how about the instinct to soothe a crying baby? Even cats have it. This video is amazing - shared by my friend Karol. If you don't see a video player, click here to watch.



  1. Sweet ornament, and of course Mary should be blue - though I'm pretty sure that only crept in in mediaeval times it's part of our conditioning ;-).
    The wrapping party sounds like a way cool idea!!
    And that video is amazing. I can't say I'm surprised, though; my mother said that when I was small (I got my cat when I was about 3 1/2-4) she always knew when I'd gone to sleep because Andante stayed in bed with me till then, and when I was safely asleep she'd go off and join the rest of the family till they all went to bed.

    Thanks for the gorgeous card, and Happy Christmas to you.

  2. Merry Christmas - your wrapping party is a great idea! Enjoy your holidays!

  3. Lovely simple ornament! Still thinking about pea soup... Lol.

  4. PS You unearthed a long forgotten memory of being in trouble in 1st grade because I colored Mary red! Guess I was destined to color "outside the lines." lol.


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