Thursday, June 30, 2011

But What Would You DO?

People are so cool.

The other day, Suzi Blu asked the most interesting series of questions about creativity.

The focus of the conversation was what exactly you would do if all of the burdens that get in the way of your art were lifted. So we decided to indulge ourselves in a little exercise about what our perfect creative day would be. Move past all the things we think keep us from creating at our maximum potential now - so assume you have unlimited resources, the perfect space, and no encroaching deadlines - and imagine what that would be like.

What would you DO with a day like this stretched before you?

It's a harder question than I thought it would be to answer, so I took a few days. I tried to figure out what does go into my creative process when I do have time. What I found is that I have a process that I follow every time that I create something, but it is fractured. It's broken up by obligations, space issues, distractions, money. If I remove all of them, I've decided my day looks like this...

I have to absorb to create. I love to take in a lot of creative content to get inspired. I use Google Reader, Pinterest, Splitcoast and the natural world. The first part of my day would be to go to these creative wells. Spend two hours on intake.

I don't feel comfortable going right from intake to creating. I need a break of either sleep or walking to turn it into inspiration. So on my perfect day, I choose a 3 hour walk. I like to take pictures of random things on my walk, and I think it's a critical part of the process, even though most of them just stay on my phone. They help me frame the world.

Post walk, I would do a little organizing. There's some weird mania that goes with crafting that compels me to take a mental inventory of what I have, which is best done by putting things away.

Then, I would create. Ideally on a sunny day, with news on TV in the background, and a creature sleeping on my desk. The news gives me a distraction when I need it, and I do actually need it. I am not a marathon crafter. I need to craft in little bursts and be able to look away during a project, wander around, listen to and look at things. I call this artist ADD.

After I create, then on to photography and writing. I consider writing an essential part of it, because I rarely make things without a story. When I do make things that aren't part of a story, I don't enjoy them as much.

At the end of this perfect day, I'd do two more hours of intake. There is nothing more inspiring than the art other people create.

Time is wealth, truly. Think what all of us could do if we just had the time.

Stamps: Anytime Greetings (Retired), Sense of Time (Retired) Ink: Basic Black, Soft Suede Paper: Newsprint DSP, Crumb Cake Accessories: Smooch Azure, Gold Lame and Moonlight, Ribbon, Top Note Die, Big Shot, Distressing Kit

Since I didn't have a lot of time today, I created a quick and simple card. I stamped the little angel and then painted it with Smooch. Love that sparkly paint.

I wonder what I could do with it on my perfect day...?

What is your perfect day?

If you blog it and link me, or tell me in a comment, I will enter you in a drawing to win this stamp set.

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  1. You hit it right on the head when you said "time is wealth". Time is what I need most of all. Even if I had everything I could ever want to create, it isn't worth much if I have little time to even play with it!

  2. Great blog entry, Lydia! Makes one think good thoughts...My perfect day would also include: duties, tasks, work other than creative. It breaks up the OCD flow, and allows the ADD to interject creativity into the mix. I love the mix of creativity and productivity...for me, more time is not the issue, it's time management to incude what I want to do with what needs to be done: creative or otherwise! There's my dysfunctionality out there for all to see, lol!

  3. To add to my previous comment, my burden to creativity is not time, it is time management, lol!

  4. Great card, Lydia. I love the sentiment. My best creativity takes place when I have no interruptions, but I need a goal or parameters for my project. It really helps if my choices are limited somewhat. Since I rarely can simply create a project from start to finish without getting stuck (or having difficulty making a decision), I need the freedom to be able to walk away, take my mind off it, and then come back with fresh perspective.

  5. My perfect day would also include shopping for supplies - in my case, beads. They inspire me as well, so with the inspiration from the other sources, plus the new beads - I would be in creative heaven! Great blog post!

  6. My perfect day would commence as soon as the men who have constructed my new craft space have left and all my goodies have been neatly and accessibly arranged. Because my perfect day would not involve wasting time hunting for hidden supplies or tripping over supply land mines. It would involve lots of open counter space, large windows offering a gorgeous garden view and plenty of natural light, a shelf of magazine inspiration, a computer for Internet inspiration and a comfy oversized chair for musing over a cup of tea. Sprinkle in 10,000 steps for good health throughout the day and I would definitely enjoy a guilt-free creative process... *smile*

  7. Ah, how I love to read your posts! (It truly shows that you consider writing integral to crafting. Your stories are so meaningful and so fun). Your card is oh so gorgeous. I love the painting with smooch! And your process of the perfect day is just heavenly. P.S. I've loved Suzi Blu forevah. :)

  8. P.S. If I had all the "frusci" time in the world to create I would read all the posts on your blog in one sitting. (spam verification word sentence-ified) hehe

  9. I actually think I'm most creative when I can create in spurts, punctuated by other productive/cathartic/different sorts of activities... such as gardening, baking or trips out to get a frappuccino :-). There's something about the way that other activities feed my creativity and/or give me something else to let myself do when I get stuck so I don't just sit there and think, "Ug, I'm stuck." Interesting post! Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. My most blissful day, would be sitting in the midst of all my scrapbooking treasures, lots of paper, stamps, ink, ribbons, music in the background and a pepsi. Ahhh....the most perfect day! And, I tell you what....the anti spam words, should use real words, unlike the bonus word, anagie that I got! :)

  11. Lydia I just love your seeing your creations but absolutely love reading your thoughts for the day! I'll keep this one short and sweet...LMBO my perfect day would absolutely consist of no arguing or yelling amongst the kiddos everything else would be icing on the cake!

    Thanks for the chance to win your awesome stamp set!


  12. Thanks for the description of your perfect creative day! I'm definitely with you on the intake part! And on TV, I typically watch Baby Story, Baby's First Day, or some baby show. Heehee...

    Hope to see you at Convention!

    moot96 AT aol DOT com


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