Saturday, July 2, 2011

Giving Away a Date With Colin Firth!

Can you BELIEVE all that great news??? I bet you never thought that stamping would win you a date with Colin Firth!!

Probably because it won't. But if it DID, it would really be cool.

However, it will get you all kinds of cool other stuff :). Like, for example, the new catalog!

It's live, and you can get your paws on one by contacting me. Then, there's the starter kit special, with $225 worth of stampy goodness for $99 in July! The kit contents are a $185 value, but if you join in July guess what? You get this $40 project kit bonus!

PLUS - I GET ONE TOO!!! You know you want to buy me a present :) 

To join the fun, click here.

Since I'm traveling for most of July and won't be able to have classes, I have my own special to add. Any customer that places a $50 or higher order on my website during the month of July will be entered into a drawing (1 entry for each $50 spent) to win the sassy new Pennant Parade Stamp Set and matching punch! Whee!!! :)

Now speaking of joining the fun, I decided this weekend I should get cracking on at least a few swaps for convention. Uncharacteristically early for me, I know. But I did an experiment almost a month ago that I really loved, so I thought I'd share it in Salt Lake.

Thanks to my weekly executive session on Friday mornings at St. Arbucks with Kim, I'm able to actually stamp things in a nice uninterrupted stretch, and this week I knocked out a bunch of my experiments for swaps.

Here's how it worked. I took full sheets of cardstock and sponged Daffodil Delight ink all over the whole sheet. Then I went back in spots and sponged Calypso Coral randomly all over the whole sheet. I cut up the sheet into panels, sponged the edges of each rectangle with Soft Suede and added Tempting Turquoise Craft Ink with a foam paintbrush.

Do these colors not look phenomenal together??

I just can't stop looking at them. I stamped the images from the new hostess set - Faith in Nature - over the panels in Basic Black and stuck them on white card bases. To show you how attentive and focused I am, if you look closely, you'll see that I have the leaf upside down - the script is upside down, so clearly I have the leaf in the wrong orientation. Oh well. They'll be collectors items. :)

Now I liked this technique so much that I did it on a larger scale for the Austin Art Boards Contest for Reagan Outdoor. This contest was to create a piece of art that was 6" x 24" for Reagan to use on billboards around town.

The winners haven't been announced yet, so I can't show it to you, but I will soon, I promise!

I've added a few things to my Crazy Bargains page out of my retired stash, so check here for some great $7 stamp sets.

Also, for all you scrappers out there, by popular demand, I added a scrapper's version of my Keep Calm Shirt to the store!

I'll be back tomorrow with some patriotic goodness for you. I was thrilled this morning when Google emailed me and said "You have no events today." Aaaahhh... a day of stamping!

Happy Caturday!


  1. you really know how to drive traffic to your blog! just watched the king's speech the other night--aahhh, Colin Firth is FINE, even when he stammers.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these cards, but need to know if you embossed the craft TT or just let it dry. i'm so going to copy this technique because you just can't do it WRONG!

    one more query: being the BLUE lover you are, which do you like more, Pool Party or Island Indigo?

  2. Awesome technique! Love your background paper. Must give that a try. TFS!

  3. Love the cards you made with the Faith in Nature set. Glad I ordered it yesterday...Infact, I just got notification my order has shipped already!!! YAY!!!
    Have a wonderful & safe 4th of July Weekend everyone....

  4. DANG, WOMAN! You had me going there for a minute! Not really. I mean, I think his wife can take me, and I have a low pain threshold and all, but still ... hmmmm.

    And those colors totally ROCK! I might have to CASE this for my class without projects (yeah, I'm characteristically behind ...).

    And I hope your art piece WINS! :)

    WV: dizeum
    Um, going, um, on the, um, rides, um, makes me, um, dizeum.

  5. Oh, you are so mean! Colin Firth, April Fool's. Don't you know this is JULY, girlfriend?!

    disminsc-not THAT minsc,DIS minsc!

  6. Love the background you created! The colors are beautiful together and you also are making me think I need that stamp set.

  7. Those colours have captured my soul! I love them, madly but mostly I think it's because of your technique. A foam brush? You are get-the-heck-outta-here clever, GF. And your Ts are complete Genius! (P.S. Am refraining from using the anti-spam word this time, so as not to contaminate your comments with "gases" ynuk ynuk.)


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