Saturday, July 30, 2011

Everybunny Wants to Travel Like This

Okay I've decided what my solution to the seahorse/groping/general TSA offensiveness is. Next time I travel, I'm hiring one of those hot air balloon companies that is run by bunnies. Haven't heard of them? Keep reading!

I don't know why I never thought of it before. I will miss Southwest Airlines, but I will NOT miss the combo pelvic exam/seahorse interrogation I've become accustomed to.

This weekend is jam packed with stampy goodness! Friday night we had our Virtual Stamp Night mini, which was a blast. You still have time to participate in these six mojo enhancing challenges. Leslie - of Crooked Stamper fame - got them all done right along with me, while tweeting and juggling flaming bowls of cherries jubilee. Okay that was lie. But she was tweeting.

Then, this morning, we kicked off Dare to Get Dirty - a WEEK of challenges hosted by the Dirty Dozen Design Team and alumni. It's SO FUN!

This is one of my cards for Julie Lacey's challenge and I whipped out my new air chauffeur from the new catalog - Everybunny. Lynne Hurlburt correctly guessed that this was my favorite set from the new catalog!

I completely forgot that I even had gotten this set as it was buried under the post-convention, pre-CHA madness on my desk, and so when I got home it was like Christmas morning finding this little guy.
It's okay to scream about how cute he is.

I stamped him in Basic Black on Crumb Cake, that I had embossed with the Framed Tulips Embossing Folder and rubbed with White Craft Ink. Then I just quickly colored him in with pencils and added some Dazzling Diamonds Glitter to the flowers he's scattering.

Bunny transportation - sprinkled glittery flowers all over the earth.

TSA regulated transportation - groping, stupid qustions and people eating airport burritos while using your armrest.

You make the call.

Hope you're having a fabby weekend!


  1. So adorable, I agree, it's the only way to ride! but you'll have to take the sea monkeys out of your purse for this ride too, unfortunately, lol.

  2. Eating burritos ON THE FLIGHT? What kind of sadist did you have to sit next to? Did the gases "rende" you unconscious?
    I also choose the bunny balloon over TSA any day. Glitter is always better!

  3. I don't think any other animal could look as cute in the balloon... It's gotta be the ears.... Love the white on kraft..gotta remember that, thanks! *smile*

    wv: manarn - Manarn bunnies just adorable?

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAH! Juggling cherries jubilee!!!!! Almost felt like it. My desk was a disaster, and this was a MINI VSN! Yi yi yi!

    I guessed another set, not this bunny one. I would totally fly with him over any airline, too.

    WV: slywa
    noun Pronounced: sly-way
    The concrete jungle covering too much of our fair land.

  5. i LOVE the white craft ink on Crumb Cake - of course he's totally adorable - and i'm supremely happy that you stamped the balloon vertical (the way it would really fly) and not on a silly slant - i thank you and all my hot-air-balloon-pilot friends thank you!

  6. ROFL. You are seriously the funniest person ever. Ever EVAH! And this bunny powered balloon card is leaving me breathless.


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