Monday, July 11, 2011

You Win Some, You Lose Some...

I've been in a lot of contests in my life.

I remember being the almost winner of a spelling bee in fourth grade. Palms sweating, I spelled the word that would mean I won or I lost.

I lost. I had a dearth of spelling mojo. So I spelled it dirth.

I left that contest with nothing. You COULD say I left with a knowledge of how to actually spell dearth, but let's be real. I don't care. I have a dearth of caring about the word dearth.

But what's supercalifragilisticexpialidocious about art contests is that you don't leave with nothing. You leave with a piece of art. And probably one that you like, since you entered it in a contest.

So when you lose an art contest, it never really feels like losing. At least to me.

Here's the piece I entered in the Austin Art Boards contest. This is a contest with Reagan Outdoor to create art that will be used for billboards around town that aren't under contract. Great idea for beautifying our spaces.

I just expanded my convention swap. << Click for supplies/technique. The size was 6 x 24 so they could scale it properly for a billboard. Interesting size for a cardmaker to work in. But with a little help from Inspired by Nature, it was a good canvas composition.

It doesn't feel like I lost. It feels like I have something pretty to put on the wall. :)


  1. Lydia, I think this is beautiful...sorry your entry did not win.

  2. so pretty! Love the convention swap too!

  3. Looks like a winner to me for sure! Beautiful colors beautifully put together :)

  4. It's still my favorite.

    It looked like such a "suret"hing. Wonder what the judges were looking for?

  5. I agree. You won. And not just a lovely piece of art but a conversation piece to boot. *smile*

  6. Lydia, what a beautiful are piece. You are right I do believe that you are a winner. I Love Love that background that you used.

    I have to say that I would try to use the word neopum in a sentence but I didn't ever take latin so I can't even come up with a sort of close definition of the word neopum so I am sorry today I won't be able to use the word neopum in my sentence.

    See you tomorrow!!!


  7. Oh man! They is crazy. "Washonk" with dat? (anti-spam word) LOL That work of art would've looked incredible on a billboard. What a gorgeous piece to decorate your wall, though & I love the scale. No dearth of talent for you! :)

  8. GAH!!!! This is awesome!!! Would have looked great around town!!!

    AND! I cannot spell. At all! I used to memorize all the words for our weekly spelling tests, so the teachers were under this mistaken impression that I could spell. One year they picked me to be in the school spelling bee. Nooooooo, I told them! I can't spell. They tried to say it was just nerves and I'd be fine -- after all, I had aced all those tests. I tried to warn them, but no go. So I went down on diaper. (di-per, ha haha!). Did they learn the next year? No.....really rocked that one with rock-it (rocket). After that they didn't ask me again. HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

  9. Lydia, this is something worthy of Monat. The colours, the scale, the whimsy of the background & the perfect placement of the silhouettes.... Monat (wv) aside, {snort}, I love this. Foolish judges. At least you have the exact right attitude about it.
    I would have LOVED to be in a spelling bee as a kid. Loved it. I have a ridiculous memory for words, not so impressive as an adult but I rocked it in elementary school. Just don't ask me what they mean...

  10. And I just had to add, that after all my Monat-ing, I scrolled right past the wv and ended up with 'bassein' or some such. And now Clellu - is that Cthulhu's little sister?


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