Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hello, My Friend. I Don't Care if You Look Like a Sour Pop.

Remember those sweet and sour pops from a few decades back? They were red and yellow and crazy delicious.

I can't remember what they were called, but they were pretty iconic. I always liked sour candy because I don't really like sweet stuff as much as I like, say, cheese. Or a good bone in filet, Lori Lou Whoo.

But that candy did make me happy in the old days.

I procrastinated a lot this weekend. I really needed some lazy days and I did that up right today. I took a little break from Dare to Get Dirty and peeked at my badly neglected Google Reader, where I found this. I love her blog. Everything she does is magic.

I thought I'd attempt a copy with my floofy fat friends. Here's what they're saying.

"Hi sour pop colored... fox? Coon? What are you?" "Oh hello there my chubby, lemon lime porcupine? Hedgehog? What are you?"

"It doesn't matter. Hello, friend."
Stamps: Furry Folk, My Friend Ink: Basic Black, Lucky Limeade, Daffodil Delight, Poppy Parade, Wisteria Wonder 
Paper: Watercolor, Whisper White Accessories: Aqua Painter, Dimensionals

At least, that's what I THINK they're saying.

A friend is a friend.

Have a great week!


  1. Now THIS is the set I thought was your favorite from the catalog! Those critters are SO cute!

    WV: polyoca
    Is one of the critters in that set a polyoca?

    Alt def'n:
    Synthetic fiber, cousin to polyester.

  2. WV: "I always enjoy reading Lydia's blog, especially when she gives a card 'rizepe'"

    I was partial to Charms pops in my day; ironically, my favorite flavor was the blue raspberry, which came in a nifty blue cellophane wrapper :) Those little poofy guys are growing on me, even if they DO look like they've been hanging around the helium tank too long!

    BTW, can't figure out how to email you, but your link to the "Keep Calm & Stamp On" tees has an extra "h" at the beginning - I finally figured it out, but it currently goes to a dead link - just thought you might like to know, in case traffic there has been slow!

  3. Tindisad is totally beyond my capabilities for including in a sentence on a Monday. Yoiks.

    I don't think I remember Charms pops...but these little critters are reminding me of the Sour Keys candies :) Love their citrus-y multicolours!

  4. First: adorable. Love them so much I want to hug them (which could be dangerous, especially the sticky one.) second, thank you so much for my last half hour of wandering thru links that started with Stamping Mathilda. I just kept going thru linked blogs until I almost burst from inspiration! I'm definitely going to try these birds and the travel journal I happened on....
    Have a great day, friend....*smile*
    PS My TX childhood sour favorite was chinese plums. Did you ever partake? They were dried and super salted and entertained us by the funny faces we made when we ate them!

    WV: fricksen
    Who the fricksen in the kitchen at this time of night?

  5. I loved charms pops! And it seems that everyonce in a while we would even get one free for a particular wrapper? Hummmm.

    Of course my favorite was the cherry. Of all the candy that I loved I am the most sad that I can't eat suckers any more. They are just like eating a spoonful of sugar and goes straight to my head and well then I really get dizzy.

    Love the cute card and you are right! doesn't matter what we look like a friend is a friend. That is why I love you because you love me for just the way I am.


  6. I don't believe we had any pops like that over here - there are a couple of others I remember that I wish were still around. There was a Dracula one - raspberry centre with a blackcurrant coating probably.
    I'm with you on preferring the sour candies - when I can't be good I might as well be bad the way I like. Love your candy-coloured critters, they are so cute.

  7. These floofy fat critter friends are so ultra cute that I swear they make my brain squeal! The colours are out of this world. And the copy is perfection (just like sour candy)! gigglegiggle.


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