Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Terrible Beauty is Born...

So we have this super duper gardening radio show here. I don't consider myself a gardener even in the loosest sense of the word, but I LOVE this show. I learn so much and I try to be out running around in the car when it's on on Saturday mornings.

Yesterday, I sat in the car in the parking lot at Staples, delaying my 75% off envelopes coupon purchase I was so excited about to listen to a story about a horrible bug.

It's called a sparrow wasp.

You know you hate it.

It's called a sparrow wasp because it's the SIZE OF A SPARROW.

Its mission in life is to destroy Japanese beehives, killing the bees and stealing their honey and their babies to feed to ITS babies. Awful.

However, listen to THIS.

The bees know that this hellacious beastie sends a scout before the other beasties come destroy their hives. When they sniff the little sparrow wasp pheromone, they run out to the door of their hive and wait for it to come in.

When it comes in, about 500 little teeny honey bees surround it and flap their wings. A bee wing flap creates so much energy that they heat the wasp up to 116 degrees and generate just enough carbon dioxide that the combination is EXACTLY what it takes to kill that little you know what. Can you bee-lieve that??? Real life David and Goliath! That might not be what Yeats had in mind, but it is definitely a terrible beauty!

Isn't nature incredible?? I was cheering for the little bees at the end of the story.

Go bees!!

I felt very nature-y after that so I decided to play with my fun little Nesting set from The Cat's Pajamas.
I played around with the nest in a few different colors and then settled on clear embossing it and rubbing Crumb Cake ink all over it for a resist.

The bird is stamped in Poppy Parade, and the eggs are that delicious Pool Party. I went with dots all over, with Crumb Cake prints pack paper and polka dotted Real Red ribbon.

Don't forget to stay tuned here next week for live convention coverage, prizes, contests, cookies & kittens! :)

Hope you're having an un-bee-lievable weekend!


  1. Yikes - scary looking!!! Clever little bees. I thought they could flap their wings to cool the hive down too - doubly clever little bees.
    I never came back to comment on your last post and the memories it brought back of underground caves :D. I think we abandoned ours pretty quickly as our tree-houses were a much more attractive proposition, but I can remember digging a couple with my brother.

  2. So the kids & I looked these monsters after your post. we found and article with a video. It's like a horrow movie. Ewww. but interesting and educational ;)

  3. Blake Shelton would say, "You go, honey bees!" he would also say, " Cute card..."

  4. I too love to listen to a show called "You Bet Your Garden" on NPR in the hopes that one day my thumb will turn green. Love the way those little bees "goquini" on that sparrow wasp's arse. How's that for for a spam word verification sentence?

    BTW, love your card! What you did with the nest is truly inspired.

  5. Thanks for the pre-falling-asleep nightmare pic...eeeeg*shudder*. lol
    Those "BASTORS"(word ver.) really get what they deserve trying to steal and eat baby bees!!

  6. THAT is one nasty as#ed looking bug!! I usually don't kill bugs in my house. I get them on paper, or in the case of crickets we have a "cricket jar" and put them outside so they can live the rest of their lives. The only exception is ants and I'm a wacko because I always say I'm sorry before I kill them. This bug would be a problem. Too big to kill and I sure as hell am not carrying him outside. I guess I'd have to move - lol. Good for those bees being so smart!!

  7. Holy crap the size of a sparrow? I don't ever want to see one of those horrible things!!!

    And yes! "Go Beees!!!!"

    I love the card! the polka dots are so cute on it. You do amazing work!!!

    See you tomorrow!!!!


  8. Go Bees! Have to say though..loving the color combo on the ugly bug!

  9. Cool nest! interesting tidbit about the bees! would not want to get stung by that sucker!


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