Monday, June 20, 2011

Keep Calm and Carry On

Way back in the old days - 1939 to be exact - governments used to make posters with a wide variety of ridiculous things on them. For example, here's one urging people to be frugal, apparently by poking relatives in the arse with a needle. I guess it's wasteful to take the torn pants off the person wearing them before mending..

I always wonder if people saw these posters and ran home to slap the sugar out of people's hands and turn off all the lights, or if they thought to themselves, "Hey - you know what's wasteful? You printing a bunch of posters while I'm getting stabbed in the arse and rationing sugar!"

I'm pretty sure you know which one I would have been thinking.

However, there's one government poster that I absolutely adore. Those Brits - they always get it right. They produced this lovely poster in 1939 that is now a cult favorite. It's message was simple - let's not get our undies all in a bundle should those pesky Germans show up and ruin everything. Let's just...
How very British of them! It cracks me up every time I see it, in all of its fun new forms.

I decided that there was no personality more suited for adversity than a stamper, though. We just stamp on through whatever comes our way. I decided that that sentiment needed to be on a t-shirt for all of my stamping events in July, so feel free to grab one for yourself in my shirt store! :) You can choose the color and size and style. I had to have a blue one, of course...

Dana and I ordered ours today so that we can storm a few places together spreading stampy calm :).

Speaking of Old World, today's Try a New Technique challenge on Splitcoast was to make something look Old World-y. I decided to go for a sepia look with watercolor and the flowers from On the Grow. The whole thing took about 4 minutes - it's amazing how easy and quick it is to watercolor with just a single shade - in this case, Soft Suede.

The background DPS is retired so I don't have the name of it - but it has the coolest leaf pattern on the back! Sorry - but the pattern wasn't Old World so you don't get to see it. I swiped my faux frame with a gold pen to make it look like an old world frame. Oh - I embossed it with my polka dot embossing folder too. And I drew the joints of the frame with the gold pen, and popped it off the card with dimensionals.

Feeling frazzled that it's already almost July? Don't worry peeps. Keep calm and stamp on :).



  1. LMAO! Storm a few places to spread stampy calm! HAHAHAHAH! OMG. I might need this shirt. I could war it to my markets! HA!

    WV: pubrylte
    When the royals go to pubs.

  2. love it! did you know Maya Road has a "keep calm" stamp with interchangeable words for the bottom?

  3. What a cool idea, single-colour watercolouring. Must try that!
    Next time I have to mend something of hubby's I'm totally doing it while he's wearing it. Oops, sorry, stabbed ya. Oops, torry, did it again ;) I'll get 'torier' every time I 'tab him :) This WV game is fun :)

  4. Oh, I love your sepia effect - looks like a bunch of primroses in an old jam jar - I've never seen those flowers as primroses before!
    Last year the art college had an exhibition of Abram Games's posters (he did a lot of travel ones, but also WW2 ones for his military service - I was so glad I got to see it one day after work. Mind you, I think I was more fascinated by the evolution of his Cona vacuum coffee machine - still in production 60 years one.

  5. You are so much oozes from your pores.


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