Thursday, June 16, 2011

You Gotta Have a Little Narwhal

Remember that little narwhal from Elf? When Buddy the Elf was leaving, he floated up and said "Bye Buddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" in that goofy little voice?

Loved that little fella. When I was little - well, actually to this day - I really had Dr. Doolittle aspirations. I loved all the lizards and horny toads in our neighborhood, and we had these SPECTACULAR blue and yellow butterflies that were almost as big as our heads. There were black and white shiny zebra bugs all over our willow trees, and oh yeah - there was the asp I befriended...

If I spent enough time outside to make little friends these days, this is what I'd pick: a baby wild hog, a polar bear, a narwhal, an elk, a bunny with a stopwatch, and a fox :).
Stamps: Friends 24-7 (retired), Nikoart (various) Ink: Poppy Parade, Peach Parfait, Summer Sun, Gable Green, Tempting Turquoise, Orchid Opulence, Basic Black  Paper: Crumb Cake, Whisper White 
Accessories: Merry Medley On Board Chipboard, White Acrylic Paint, SU Fancy Fibers Bright (Retired), SU Postage Stamp Punch, Post it Notes

I made this card for the Moxie Fab Tuesday Trigger, which I found extremely beautiful.

I was trying to figure out what we all love about rainbows, and I settled on variety. There's a little something for everyone. I mean, you gotta have a little narwhal or life is just boring!

Also, has anyone ever noticed that they are the unicorn of the sea? Do you think some drunk North Atlantic fisherman (I actually know nothing about narwhal habitat - shocking - so substitute appropriate body of water here) saw a Narwhal and made up the whole unicorn thing to explain why he never came home that night? Just occurred to me.

Anyway, to make the little postage stamp, I cut a 1" square into a post it note with my paper cutter and then used that as a mask to sponge colored squares. I then punched them out with my Postage Stamp punch and stamped the critters on them.

Hey look - it makes an L! :)

Hope you're having a colorful week!!


  1. What a lovely card! I love the images and the colours.

  2. That little boar is the cutest - reminds me of the baby tapir we saw in a wildflife park. Good luck on finding a rabbit - white or otherwise - with a watch out in the wild ;-)

  3. Wow! When you said asp, all I could think of was the snake and that wouldn't be furry. I had to go look it up to learn there was also a venomous caterpillar called an asp. See, when I was little I brought home a cute little garter snake and I couldn't understand why my mom had a fit!

  4. Wow. I had to look this up, because until now I only knew of the asp as a snake, not a venomous caterpillar. When I was a kid I found the cutest little garter snake in our neighborhood and brought it home to my mom, with the (now) expected results. At that time I couldn't figure out why she kept screaming to take it outside, LOL.

  5. Definitely need the narwhal!! LOVE it!!

  6. Sorry for the double post. It looked like the first one didn't take. You can delete one.

  7. Seriously, who doesn't need a narwhal? Love the L shape of your layout - it's like a bonus signature on the front of your card :) I want bonus points for including the verification word, but I am unsure I should type a sentence about a 'congla' line...too likely to embarrass myself by not knowing what a 'congla' really is :)

  8. Hey Lydia! Thanks for linking this up to this week's Tuesday Trigger in the Moxie Fab World! I'm so glad you joined in on all the fun! :)


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