Thursday, June 2, 2011

Keep Your Faith in Stampy Things...

Keep your faith in stampy things - in the new stamps when they are hidden, and in the retired list when it is gone. -Me, with apologies to Roy R. Gilson

You gotta love June. A peek at the new catalog, pre-orders of beautiful stampy things, complete abandonment of restraint, and kissing of UPS men.

It's all good!!

For example, one of my new goodies, is the BEAUTIFUL new blue called Pool Party. It's like Cool Caribbean and Soft Sky got married and had a baby!!! OHHHHH to have a pretty aqua just makes the world feel right! There are TWO blues in the new colors - the other one is Island Indigo, the love child of Pacific Point Blue and Taken with Teal. Could a girl ask for ANYTHING beyond two new blues in her world?

Oh yes. She can ask for 26.8 pounds of stampy amazingness, some of which is pictured here for your torture!

And remember, there's only 28 days TILL THE ZOMBIES GET US!!! No, wait - that's something else.

It's only 28 days until you can't get anything on the Retired List anymore! So I have lots of goodies for anyone placing orders off this list. If you buy  retiring product from me before June 30, you will be entered in my drawing to win the Long Fellows stamp Set, the On the Grow Stamp Set, and a roll of the new Chocolate Chip Polka Dot Scalloped Edge ribbon that is so crazy adorable you might embarass yourself when you see it!

So you wanna see the future? Behold - a peek!

Oh - what is that Border Lace punch?? Is that yummy color Calypso Coral? Do I spy a pretty scripty Faith in Nature set and some Lucky Limeade ink?

Perhaps. Or maybe you are dreaming....



    lucky limeaid, calypso coral, two new blues & a rumored new purple? wow-ee! can't wait to see those blues...

  2. AACCKK!!! I knew I should have expedited! So. Very. Happy! For you! Yes, happy for you!

    I'll have my stuff on Monday, can't wait to start playing with it! The card is beautiful...I knew I would want that stamp set after I saw it on a project.

  3. Faith in Nature looks like an awesome set this is beautiful - your coloring rocks.

  4. Thanks for the sneaky peek. I shall get my goods next week. :)

  5. That border lace punch looks fantastic IRL!!

  6. Ooh, I wish I would have gotten that punch now! I LOVE it!!


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