Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What it all Means...

I have no idea what it all means. But what I do know is I had some BIZARRE dreams this weekend!

I have this theory about my dreams. I had my appendix out when I was 10. Because it was in the olden days and because the initial anaesthesia wasn't working (I'm one of those people that it doesn't work on) they gassed me with ether and something else. Ether has a gross sweet taste/smell that is sort of like vodka, which is why I have never liked vodka. But I digress.

Since that surgery, I have always had extremely vivid dreams - pretty much every night. I think the ether or the other stuff modified the dream part of my brain. This weekend's dreams were spectacular.

Exhibit A - Dream #1. I was in a large mall type thing that was like the Gaylord in Nashville - a massive place with restaurants and bars and stores and hotel rooms. I was walking on some metal stairs and I dropped my phone. It fell into a place that was closed off with gates. I asked someone who worked there for help, and when I showed him where it was he told me we couldn't go get it because that was one of the places they let the prisoners into. Yeah. I know. He told me that they brought prisoners into this mall and let them frolic around in certain areas and that it was super dangerous to go into those areas because apparently it was just a prisoner free for all, and you'd pretty much get your head chopped off. I should have asked about what sort of company would insure a place like that! Anyway, I really wanted my phone, so he said he would talk to maintenance. In the meantime I asked where the restrooms were. He showed me to this place that suddenly looked like a very fancy Victorian house - with deep pink carpets and pretty white furniture. As I came into the dressing room area before the bathroom, I noticed a pair of adorable bunny slippers - THAT WERE HOPPING ALL OVER THE FLOOR LIKE REAL BUNNIES! It was so cute I couldn't believe it and I reached for my phone to film it, and then had a sad, because of course I didn't have my phone. The little bunny slippers hopped under some furniture and I left. The maintenance guy got my phone, and then Splotchy (in real life) hissed at a cat in the back yard and woke me up.

Exhibit B - Dream #2. The next night, I dreamed I was on a trip to Spain. The group I was with had a dinner planned at some restaurant that was supposed to be great. We went in and were told to sit at a bar to see the menu. Well the "menu" was actually teeny bottles - sort of like airplane liquor bottles, but smaller - with a sample of each menu item inside it. We had to try to taste each of these little bottles to decide what we wanted. You can imagine what trying to get paella out of a teeny tiny bottle was like. I was so mad and hungry I woke up.

See? Bizarre.

After all that, it was time for simplicity! I created this...
The flowers are two-step stamps from Fast & Fabulous - a hostess set. I stamped the solid parts with Cool Caribbean and the outlines and the greeting with Early Espresso. I like the off-register printing look - that sort of 40's graphic design that is in vogue right now and I think these images are perfect for it.

The greeting is from Bring on the Cake.

Hey guess what is coming up this weekend?? Virtual Stamp Night! A whole weekend of fun challenges and even more fun chatter. Wanna play? I'd love to get stampy with all of you - it's like an online stampy pajama party! Check out the deets here.

Feel free to leave a comment with your craziest dream ever!


  1. I want some of what you're having. Those dreams are very strange and disturbing. I think it would be great fodder for inspiration and mojo.

    Vodka has a smell? I think the fact that it was odorless is what made me mix it with anything that came out of the soda machine in college.

    And maybe, just MAYBE, I'll play VSN this time! Beats doing my taxes.

    WV: feingel
    That was some feingel you used on my hair.

  2. I refuse to let DH tell me his dreams, because they are downright weird. But you got away with it, because I read your blog. haha

    LOVE the card, although I was really expecting bunnies!

  3. Sounds very much like an Understand Blue version of Alice in Wonderland.

  4. OK, we are going to discuss your dreams this week at our regular office time while we do coffee-stampy. I might have to ask the barista to slip you decaf...

  5. Your dreams are awesomely crazy!! Love it. I have some weird ones, too, from time to time. And always in color. Too bad I don't usually remember them. :(

    Love your card!! :) The color combo is soft & soothing. Ahhh... Another Understand Blue masterpiece!

    Hope to play at the VSN, too. Always a great time.

  6. It would be great to have those dreams analyzed.

  7. Such a lovely soft card, Lydia. And what a blast it is to read your dreamy writing. Pssst... Ya know wanna know a secret? I should comment more, but yours is THE very first newsletter I read in my subscriptions. Heehee...some secret, hey? More like a very public declaration of my stampy adoration. ;o) It's no mystery: You da BEST!

  8. Ohhhhhhhhhh my goodness!
    I'm still stuck thinking about 'your' wild dreams! hahahaha

    LOVE that CAS floral beauty! Yay for Cool Caribbean!



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