Friday, February 25, 2011

How You Know Your Cats Have Been Hanging Out With Charlie Sheen...

You find your cat in a Shiner Bock box, 9 beers missing, his little tongue poking out and a glazed look on his face.

You find his sister upside down in the dryer.
They are no longer allowed to hang out with psychotic drunk celebrities while I'm at work. I can't believe I didn't have that rule before now.

Well I've been busy creating cards for the VSN challenges this weekend and I've had so much fun and made 10 cards so far! I've had my live craft web cam running for each challenge I've made, and if you are so bored that you want to watch me stamp, with occasional cameos by the party cats, tune in later today and I'll be on air.

This was my card for the first challenge, which was a sketch challenge representing the chambers of the human heart, which I thought was a very cool way to kick it all off!

I combined it with Free For All Friday challenge to make a tropical or Asian themed card and I came up with this..
I loved using the nice warm and bright Poppy Parade with Sahara Sand for a good pop of contrast. The stamp is Easter Blossoms and the greeting is from Sentimental Journey.

I just stamped the image three times. Once on the background, once on a piece of Sahara Sand, and another one on a scrap of Poppy Parade. I then carefully cut out a few teeny flowers and stuck them on with mini Glue Dots. Then I added chrome bling from Recollections in the center of the flowers and made little teeny dots with my white gel pen on the background and in some of the flowers. I think I was thinking about pollen because I've sneezed for three months straight.

The background paper is from a Patterns Pack stack.

I took an 8" tall stack of hoarded 12x12 to Kinko's this week and had them cut it into 6x6. It's now sorted by color, binder clipped together and is not only taking up a ton less room but is a lot easier to reach for, cut and use when I'm ready. *pats self on back*

Between that and the envelopes I've been making out of some of it with my Martha Stewart Scoreboard/Envelope Maker I'm feeling sort of organize-y. Tons to go, but it's a start.

What have you been up to this weekend? Tying one on with Charlie Sheen and hanging out in the dryer?


  1. LOL. Thanks for posting that! Whatever you think about Charlie Sheen, his show is hilarious. If you like funny stuff, check out this funny videos site.

  2. I've been playing VSN, too, but some of my cards took 2 hours to make, so they are ineligible for entry. ;/

    And I'm glad my laundry room is in a closet behind a closed door, or I'm convinced my kitteh would be sleeping in the dryer, too!

    WV: stesse
    The unknown saints: St. P, St. Q, St. R, and stesse

  3. Nauty kitties! I know those beers went SOMEWHERE!

    Nice card, too!

  4. Oh Lydia, I come to your blog for your stories and cat pics as much or maybe more than your (awesome) projects! You crack me up! I hope you are going to convention and I get to meet you...and make you feel tall....or tall-ish next to me at least, hehe!

  5. Annnnnd I nominated you for a stylish blog award because you rock girl!

  6. I think I might have to put that rule in place around here too...yeesh. I think my three cats are more into the 'recreational crack' though ;)
    Your card is gorgeous - I love the colours & the effect of the square tiles.
    And, congrats on the organization! Have a pat on the back from me too :)

  7. Charlie has certainly screwed things up! I love that show. I have 2 cats so I can truly relate to the photos - lol. By the way, the name of the box happens to be my last name. Unfortunately my husband's relatives aren't the ones who came up with that beer. Too bad! I'd have alot more craft money. Loved the card.

  8. oh my!!! I just about had tears over those naughty kitties! My cat is into licking the sentcy bars. We have to keep something on top of them when not in use. She also loves lotion!?

    the card is really pretty and I always love your style. You rock girlfriend!!!

  9. Love the texture on your card and the stamping on various papers. Spotlighting, right? I think I'm getting the lingo down. *smile*


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